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April 13, 2014

Notting Hill Dress, McCalls 4817

I had been hording these Joel Dewberry Notting Hill fabrics for a little while and they fell together so nicely with this dress. I loosely used the McCalls 4817 pattern, although I changed the back of the bodice to make it a little higher in on the back. I tried to size down the size 6 pattern a little, but it is definitely too big on my size 4 kid, so I guess I didn’t size it down enough.


A quick zipper on the back and I managed to finish this beauty in a few hours. Totally the best thing I have sewn so far this spring!


notting hill dress



March 31, 2014

Black and White Baby Quilt

A baby quilt for an expecting music teacher. I bought the only music fabrics at the 2 stores I visited,  embraced the black and white idea and found a pin on pintrest and away we go!


Why yes, I did just finish painting the front hall and adding these hooks. Don’t they look swell?



The applique flower, needed a little something, so I added that stitched swirl.  It makes me want to add more stitched detail somewhere… but where?


And the back is part of an IKEA duvet cover I got from AS IS for $10. It couldn’t be more perfect for a baby girl!


Yes, this darn quilt is a rhombus. How I did it, I don’t know. I trimmed at right angles! I Swear!  You don’t notice at all until you hang it… Maybe I will blame it on the new hooks, they must be off… right?

March 16, 2014

McCall’s 5838

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IMG_0844My tallish 3 year old is turning 4 this month. We are sitting right at the end toddler sizes and dipping our toe in girls sizes. I made this dress a size 5, nice and roomy for the coming summer, a vague possibility that it might fit next year? Loving this pattern. McCalls’s 5838 you are really very lovely. Lined top, easy zipper install, I look forward to making some more of these.


February 24, 2014

Reversible Baby Dresses

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I am totally bewildered why I neglected to take any pictures of my own child in any of the dresses I made her when she was smaller. I blame the sleep deprivation.   Getting better sleep these days, I stitched up a stack of reversible dresses for little babies and listed a few on my etsy page.  The snow is slowly melting, I think sewing sundresses is helping.
smock dresses

February 21, 2014

Dance Bags

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I have made a slew of these for my good friend who is now in her 3rd season of running a dance school. Around 60 maybe? I have lost count. IMG_0719

I did them this time. And this other time. I really liked the dragonfly ones here. And holy crap, I have some more here. And I know I missed taking a picture with at least 2 sets. Anyway. 12 more delivered this week to dance class.



I ordered some horse fabric for a special request that I will sew this weekend. I gotta say, I never thought to make a horse bag for the performing arts school. But it made my self imposed rules a little more flexible. I did a London bag you can see up there and Russian nesting dolls and a mermaid one for my daughter. I don’t know why I was choosing the less “themed” fabric before, maybe I wanted to be loyal to the “arts” theme. Eh, well, I got over it… and thank goodness, these are my favorite ones so far.

February 13, 2014

Mermaid Dresses

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So, I made another Roller Skate Dress (pattern by Oliver + S). The young one requested mermaids. I was happy to oblige.


She wrinkled her nose. Turned her head away and said; “you picked the wrong mermaids”. I was sad. But I got back on the horse.

IMG_0691 IMG_0693


I used a new-to-me Japanese pattern and made a 2nd mermaid dress. Well, really more like a top, but cute, at least I thought it was cute. I revealed it to her, her eyes popped and then she paused and said “I don’t like green” and refuses to wear either.



This is as close as I could get to the dresses on her. Humility, that is my lesson for the day.

February 6, 2014

Pink and Brown Baby Quilt

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A girl we went to college with just had a baby girl and she was looking for someone to make a memory quilt. These 2 fabrics were something her sister had and she wanted to incorporate them into some kind of blankie for her daughter. I didn’t have much fabric that to matched so I steered toward super pink, but her mom is good with super pink. The corduroy looks more brown in real life, so I went brown to mix with these.


First the security blankets, the original fabrics, plus satin and a pop of bright pink. I think this is all she was truly asking for but….


I am a sucker for little girls so I went a little farther and did a quilt. Okay, I guess that is a LOT farther…


And this is where I fall short in documenting the quilt. Husband set the camera to some ridiculous low pixel setting without my knowing and these are the actual size that pictures are coming out now. My 3 year old phone takes better pictures! But I didn’t know this sadness before I sent the quilt away, so lets just pretend it is 1998 and these digital pictures are awesome. Big pinwheels! Birds and Butterflies! Appliqued satin heart! Pretend like you can see all that…


And the back. Kind of lackluster but has the remainder of the memory fabric and a border of a vintage sheet. If only it were bigger than a postage stamp!


February 4, 2014

Roller Skate Dress

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Well, I am late to this party, but I am loving the Roller Skate Dress by Oliver + S. I got my pattern on sale at Cloth and Bobbin! check them out!

I finished this one over the weekend. Size 5, a little roomy on my size 4 girl so this one will last a while.

fox dress 1She turned up her nose at the fox fabric initially, but did eventually put the dress on to wear for several hours, making the dress maker feel a little better.

fox dress 2

It is a fully lined dress which was a little unexpected. I have to search out a light weight lining, even that minty green muslin felt too heavy.

December 31, 2013

Toddler Quilt

I did a custom quilt for a little boy who wanted puppies, robots, letters, numbers, trucks, shapes and dinosaurs.

toddler quilt

His mom hit all of the fabric stores and we came up with this pattern together.


I might go back and re-do the binding later, but I rushed to get this done as a christmas present (and still missed that deadline, but came sooooo close.)


I took these pictures in a big hurry before delivery. The front squares are 9″ x 9″ and quilt finished at very close to 70″ x 90″.



December 28, 2013

Simple Star Patchwork

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My MIL loves green. I abused this knowledge for her xmas present.


6″ squares with a few wonky stars made a perfect couch throw.


Some long ago horded Frida Kahlo fabric made a nice contrast for the stars.


I am very happy with how well the batiks and the Tula Pink fabric blend.


And that purple batik, I couldn’t love it more.

It was hard to give this one away!


And the back, I swear that the lower right fabric looks reptilian up close, but with those other 2 batiks, magic!


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