Perry Moffitt

July 13, 2007

The unpacking…

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I think our vacation will be best described by the inventory of what came home in our little car;

one dog, named petunia

three cats, in a large cat carrier, with food

scrabble board, Paul beat me 3 times

Maine Atlas and Gazetter, greatly helped in visiting the lovely Lucy and John. Thanks!

Large Flashlight, for getting down the hill in the dark

Maine blueberry preserve, for the neighbor who fed the one cat who stayed home. Thanks!

Chainsaw, which paul spent a lot of time using

one bag clean clothes, shorts and tee-shirts

one bag dirty clothes, pants and long sleeves

fishing pole and supplies,  no fish

rib rack for the barbeque, those were the best ribs ever

stack of books we only got halfway through

a violet plant from my super fantastic Aunt Nora. Thanks!

a small collection of family pictures, the one above is my dad as a baby and his parents, from my Aunt Rosalie. Thanks!

sewing machine and a huge haul of fabric. I will arrange a photo session with the cuprits who did a pretty good job of emptying my bank account. Although Dad and AMP sprung for one of the shopping trips as an early b-day present. Thanks!

also, 2 finished quilt tops (sorry, silvia and jules, just a little longer) and 4 new dresses, pics of those later too.

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