Perry Moffitt

September 10, 2007

2 new baby quilts

I have decided to stop buying fabric for a while and use what I already have. I am pretty fond of this quilt. I love that the Kaffe flowers stand out with very little fabric. I also enjoy the quilt pattern, I invented it to accommodate the red fabric which was only skinny remnants from Jules’s quilt. Fast, easy, lovely.

I was itching to do an appliqué on the center square but couldn’t find the right inspiration before I had to take it to the Maternal Wellness Center on Saturday (where these are both on sale, hint, hint) .

The red one I like a little less. It turned out to be an exercise in screwed up measurements and I used every last thread of the cherry fabric, , one inch less and I would have been forced to added another print entirely. I also think the blue clashes. Those are itty-bitty crabs in case you can’t see them. I used them on my brother-in-law’s quilt so I could say “you have crabs in your bed”. A funny joke for a college freshman, probably not as funny for a crib quilt.

The only saving grace, in my opinion, is the red blanket binding. I think the key to blanket binding is a darker color, last time I used pink blanket binding and the print showed right through, not the case for the red.



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