Perry Moffitt

March 15, 2008

Spring, inside and out

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I have an announcement. Easter is next weekend. No really it truly is! The crocuses are blooming, the days are getting longer and my quilting has turned pink. A sneak peek at the commissioned pink bird quilt

I keep kicking the cats out of the house so they can enjoy the nice weather but it ends up in a standoff. Petunia wanting to chase the cat, the cat wanting to come in. Only to have the reverse of the picture if I open the door and let each party in to the other world. Petunia wanting to come in, Mucha mocking her by looking outside, pretending not to see her.

I for one am really looking forward to Easter. Never a big holiday in my book but Paul will be back from Amsterdam for the whole week and my dad and step mom will be coming down from Maine for half the week. The house that has been so empty for these last 2 weeks will feel nice and full.

Paul promised to post some Amsterdam pictures soon. He is really busy and I think in the past few days we are starting to realize what this new job really is. He is working long hours with mostly strangers and going home to a hotel room. The past few days he has had to wear dirty clothes because he can’t find a laundromat or the time to look for one. On this side of the pond, I knew I would miss him but it doesn’t make the loneliness any easier. So this until August huh? Presumably longer, seeing that all of Paul’s work eggs are in this one basket. I guess I should have been more specific when asking Paul to find a full time gig, I should have said a full time gig in this time zone.

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