Perry Moffitt

March 21, 2008

The museum gift shop, Volume 2

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Before I found wordpress I blogged on Myspace. How primitive, how youthful, how very 2006. None-the-less I chronicled the first in what I hope will be a long series called; “the ridiculous stuff in the museum gift shop”. An overview- first entry was about the King Tut exhibition at the Franklin Institute last spring. I found the below in the gift shop for the low-low price of $30. I couldn’t pay the price so it lives here, in my virtual memory. In case I ever need a virtual kleenex.

I went to see Frida Kahlo at the Philadelphia Art Museum last weekend with my favorite friend Amanda. We had a very funny moment at the ticket counter where I told them my membership was totally misspelled. L-Y-B-E-C-E is not very close to Cybele, yet has all the right letters. I think it was a practical joke by some poor bored volunteer.

It was a nice exhibit. Although I always regret going on Saturday’s because it is packed . Smaller than the Dali exhibit but it had the perk of a whole room of photographs from her family and friends. Did you know she had an affair with Trotsky? Crazy.

This is my choice for ridiculous-from-the-gift-store. I am a strong believer in accessible art. This necklace is $4,375. While I recognize that it is art more than jewelry, it seems a very steep price for a souvenir. Maybe it is limited edition, or maybe it is a way to expose the artist to more of the public. But, as a piece of art, why is it sold next to the postcards and erasers? I wish it had it’s own place in a gallery somewhere and not sharing a case with jelly bracelets.

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