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April 5, 2008

I love the uk!

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So I arrived early yesterday morning, took a bus from the airport to Oxford and met Paul in the hotel. I managed to sleep on the plane so we headed right out and did a little walking tour.

Passed up a couple entrance fees (the weak dollar makes this trip a little like window shopping) but splurged on a 2 pound fee for the Sheldonian Theatre built by Christoper Wren.

Well worth it, the view from the cuopla was awesome.

Then we hit the cutest pub in the whole town. We know because we walked the whole town looking for ambiance. We found it at Turf Tavern. Chock full of college atmosphere but it is Oxford so it felt like we were surrounded by geniuses.

Then Paul went to work and I did a little more wandering, finding the Oxford franchise of Wagamama, a noodle house that was my favorite restaurant when I studied in London years ago.

I wanted a tee shirt when I was in college but could never bring myself to pay the 12 pounds, but since it has been years and I found I still wanted it, I splurged and spent 15 pounds. Gulp!

Then I went to see Paul’s show, although very honestly, I was so tired that I wasn’t following very well. The actors were fanastic but I am not current enough on my greek tragedy to follow it in one viewing. I will get to see it again in Philadelphia in a few weeks. Dreaming of crumpets for breakfast, I turned in early. Resulting in waking early and I jumped a bus to London, leaving Paul in Oxford to work. I inadvertently saved 3 pounds on the bus fair when the driver mistook me for a student. Nearly 30 and still able to pass for a student! Hooray!

First thing I bought an all day tube pass which has more than doubled in cost in the last 9 years. It used to be 2 pound 40 p and it is now 5 pound 40p . All day on the tube is still worth the 11 American dollars. I started the morning at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was like visiting an old friend. I don’t think I knew how lonely I was when I studied here years ago. Now, I enjoy companionship of a friend or Paul at a museum but it felt totally right visiting these rooms again by myself, and it felt like I was here so recently the way I remembered particular pieces.

I restrained from buying myself one of these Pantone colored coffee mugs, the conversion to dollars made them $19 each. Ouch.

Then I tried the first fabric store I had researched. But sadly, it was not really quilting cotton and the prints were nothing special but still expensive.

Back to the tube and I retraced my old walk from Covent Garden to Baker Street , passing though Leicester and Piccadilly Squares, Carnaby Street, Oxford Circus and Marylebone High Street. I was amazed at how much and how little London has changed. On the way I saw my old flat, exactly the same, in a neighborhood that has changed quite a lot. Mostly the scaffolding has all come down. Funny what a diffence that makes! 2 more fabric store failures and I decide to give up. No one knew what I was talking about when I said quilting cottons anyway. I made it to Baker Street by 4 so I decided to squeeze in another sight. I just google mapped my walking route and it was almost 4 miles one way! No wonder I was so skinny then!!

I hopped the tube again and headed to Westminster. When I came out of the tube station it was poaring! It was crazy to see this big ferris wheel but it is placed nicely across from Big Ben and I didn’t hate it as much as I thought it would. A quick look at Big Ben and then a dash to Waterloo to escape the rain and hail, seriously, hail.

I dragged myself, dripping wet to Marble Arch and got on the Oxford bus to come back to Paul. I arrived right as his show was finishing and managed to get a bite to eat with him before he had to strike. I found this poster on the way back to the hotel.

Tomorrow the whole company moves to London. I really want to go to Petticoat Market, but aside from that, tomorrow is Paul’s choice in sightseeing. I suspect he will have some ship and boat related destinations and some searches for Admiral Nelson. Ahoy!



  1. I am keeping track….


    Comment by moffitt1 — April 6, 2008 @ 10:55 pm | Reply

  2. sounds like fun you 2, take paul to the maritime museum in Greenwich.
    Also go to one of the best museums in London – The John Soanes Museum in Lincolns Inns Fields near Holborn – 20min walk from the Barbican…… Keep having fun and say hi to my mates at the BBcan.

    Comment by jon — April 7, 2008 @ 11:41 pm | Reply

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