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April 9, 2008

The lovely UK – volume 2

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my most favorite road sign in the whole world. Found in Oxford. It just sums up everything really!

So- Day 3 started a little rougher. It had snowed, which put the Brits in quite a state. Arctic Blast was what everyone was calling it. Damn Cold is what Paul kept saying, he left his coat at home thinking he wouldn’t be needing it.

The National Rail had snow related problems and so we spent a while on buses trying to get to London. In the end we spent about $50 to get to london only 45 minutes before the rest of the company. That taken into account, my incredible deals on clothes at Petticoat Market were not so incredible. I spent $32 total on some very lovely finds.

Then we set off to Brick Lane for Indian food with some of the company where Paul enjoyed a very spicy lunch and I learned chicken kebob is really a chicken sausage, although delicious.

A short jaunt down to the Thames to poke around the boats, we got there too late to get into the naval history museum but we had a nice walk on the river.

In keeping with doing whatever Paul wanted we jumped the tube for a ride in the London Eye. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I mean, the whole idea of seeing things from above has worn thin on me after many, many trips to the top of bell towers to look down at the pigeon filled square. But there is a lot of construction going on in London and we could have easily counted 100 cranes all over the city which was phenomenal.

We met up with another company member and headed to a pub at the foot of the millennium bridge where we drank the cold away, Cider black has a lovely way of keeping me warm,

st paul’s at night

tower of london at night

that is until we walked a million miles back to the hotel because the previously mentioned company member didn’t want to spend money on the tube ride. In retrospect I should have bought him his tube fare and saved my feet because my left foot has still not recovered from the 3 mile jog in the cold!

Paul started the show at the Barbican on Monday so I was on my own again. The Tate Gallery, a little underwhelmed. National Portrait Gallery, great as always, although I was sitting down a lot and rubbing my foot. I skipped St. Paul’s because of the – gulp – 10 pounds entrance fee (bear in mind the museums all have a 3 pound requested donation). Ubiquitous gift shop- dear god, should I mortgage the house to get a tee-shirt for the cat sitter?? A quick dinner with Paul and then then scurried to the West End to buy a last minute ticket for Avenue Q.

Where I finally found a break in the weak dollar! I got a ticket for 10 pounds (yes the same price I skipped at the cathedral) and got a box seat with a slightly restricted view. Good show- funny puppets- amazing singers. Back to hotel where I had another cider with Paul and then packed to come home. Flew all day yesterday, re-assembled the dogs and cats, did some hurried laundry to have some clothes to wear to work today. Whew- talk about whirlwind. But I don’t think I could have afforded another day!

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  1. I LOVE your post’s & I think this company needs to hire you , post-haste!!! , to travel with them & chronicle this momentous trip. What do you think? Could you handle it??

    Comment by rebecca — April 11, 2008 @ 10:31 am | Reply

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