Perry Moffitt

June 16, 2008

Lovely weekend, the finished Scrap Quilt

I had planned the last few weekends full of events to distract myself from being all alone at the house but that all seemed to fall apart this weekend. I taught a sewing class on friday night and then I had 2 days that stretched out in front of me with no real plans except to dog sit for a friend. It was lovely.

I finished my scrap quilt- Ta- Dah! rainbow thread, although you can barely tell.

I polished all the silver my mom and aunt have given me and I had so graciously stored in a cardboard box. I sorted through it and transformed a little used cupboard into a display. Which I then took a zillion pictures of – all of which looked terrible. So instead, a picture of one untarnished piece and some hydrangeas I borrowed from the abandonded house on my street.

Okay, more about this silver polishing; I ordered this plate called “Metal Brite” from the fabulous internet. When you put it in a sink with hot water and Calgon Water Softener it removes tarnish from all your silver, brass, ect. It arrived and I realized that it was just a piece of aluminum. I work in the office of a wood and metal shop so I decided I would try this trick with a regular piece of aluminum from the metal shop. Surprise! It worked like a charm. So I am returning this $20 piece of aluminum (which is actually worth less than 15 cents) and using the big chunk I brought home from work with the $6 box of calgon water softener. SO- lesson learned- ignore the lure of the miracle product and just go to home depot and pick up a chunk of aluminum. Much faster than silver polish, and it gets all the hard bits too!

I awoke on Sunday and felt the need to go to IKEA, a place where I can wander for hours. I have big plans on making a lovely desk under this living room window. But couldn’t find any desks that fit very well. I did however find this headboard. I nearly took it off the display wall to carry it home with me.

But I just bought my bed last year and spent a good while painting it white and attaching the new knobs. And my guest bedroom has a slanted ceiling which is too short for this 5′ gorgeous headboard. Maybe I can make it into a garden gate. Or maybe a tomato cage. But it might rust. Or I could hang it in the living room. Would that be weird? A head board just attached to the living room wall. Oh the dilemma.


  1. Hi, I am just getting into quilting, finished my first one last week! I love your quilt but can’t see how you constructed it. Could you share with me its name so I can get a pattern? I made a tossed nine patch for a friend in the hospital and would love to make more scrappy quilts.

    Thanks so much,

    Comment by melissa — October 11, 2010 @ 1:19 pm | Reply

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