Perry Moffitt

July 2, 2008

Our sweet cat

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What seems like a million years ago (actually 8 years ago), when Paul and I lived together for the very first time, a mama cat brought us some kittens. We found homes for some of them but we kept 2 cats, Mucha (like the artist) and Lucy. Lucy was hit by a car some time later and Mucha has had her own series of hard knocks.

Four years ago she got shot by some jerk with a b-b gun which shattered her shoulder the long repair left her with pins and wires and 10 inches of metal in her front right leg. She recovered fine, you would never know she was bionic.

Then came the tumor on her right hip 2 years ago , it was, as the vet said “huge” and probably a sarcoma related to vaccinations. It was fairly slow growing, not attached to a bone and perfectly round. They got it out, but when it came out, so did 2 leg muscles. She had 50 stitches this time. But again, recovered fine. She can kill birds, chase the dog, jump on the bed. Practically 100%. I realized some of these pictures she looks a little mean, but she isn’t!

But I think her ticket is up this time. I noticed this morning a large lump on her shoulder. Really large, I can’t imagine it has been there very long (I feel like she is on the couch next to me at least 3 nights a week) and it is already the size of a golf ball. Paul noticed it on Sunday but when I said, “she’s always had a bump there, it’s the pins from her broken shoulder” he let it go. I thought he meant the size of a pea, not this huge thing. Anyway. We hurried to the vet this morning where all signs turned to bad. We got an x-ray just to make sure it isn’t the pins in her shoulder, but no such luck. It is big, fast, irregular and attached to her collar bone, surgery would only extend her life months before another one popped up. Her chances of another sarcoma were 85% within a year, she made it almost 2 years so she beat the odds. She is in no pain and she killed a bird just a few days ago so she is functioning fine. We will keep her home until she becomes uncomfortable….

But still. We love her. And goodbyes suck.


  1. So sad….

    Comment by Anonymous — July 5, 2008 @ 9:40 am | Reply

  2. I’m sorry 😦

    Comment by openfire06 — July 16, 2008 @ 7:06 am | Reply

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