Perry Moffitt

July 31, 2008

Summer Vacation to Maine- the balance sheet

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Pro- cat recovered from tumor removal enough to head to maine for 6 days

Con- tumor removal that will probably not end her cancer, $300

Pro-Fit us, the dog, and 2 cats in the smaller car to save gas.

Con- brokedown in Connecticut, spent night in hotel and $500 in hotel/ repairs and one day later got to Maine.

Pro- Weather in Maine was fantastic

Con- We took a nice hike with dog in the woods, Paul stepped in wasp nest but I was the one that got stung , 6 times. Running and crying through the deep woods, not my finest moment.

Pro- spent a few hours wandering Boothbay Harbor, got a big bag of  great books in the used bookstore for $7. Had lunch overlooking the harbor.

Con- Got a $10 parking ticket, in a town where I have never seen a parking cop. And the lunch was not very good.

Pro– went to the Maine Maritime Museum, took a trolley ride of Bath Iron works. Paul loved the whole thing.

Con– Because I was itching like crazy from the wasp stings, I took benadryl, and was sleep walking.

Pro– Headed home a day early so Paul can get to a meeting, I got a bonus day off at home.

Con– My boss called this morning to see if I was back yet. I said “almost”, is that a fib? Paul discovered he has pink eye this afternoon.


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