Perry Moffitt

September 24, 2008

Not a genius

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Some days I feel very clever. Like when I use coupons for cat food or trade in my credit card points to by a new computer monitor. Some days are good but sometimes I am downright dumb.

My dad bought Paul a little digital postal scale. I claimed it as my own and on it I weight the etsy packages I send when people are kind enough to purchase my sewing. On the scale is a chart- how many ounces to how much postage need. I have been following this and putting stamped packages in the mailbox with the postage on the chart under the category “large envelope”. But this weekend I needed an excuse to go to the mall (more on that later) and I visited the post office where the price of postage was about 50 cents more than I thought it would be. I asked her why and out came a 30 page catalog and I learned I have been sending things with the large envelope flat rate and not the large envelope package rate. I say “Well I guess I have gotten lucky so far because none of them have come back to me!” she says “right! they were probably delivered postage due!” Holy Crap! Am I the biggest jerk? Postage Due!!! Yup- I am not a genius. So, if anyone out there got a postage due package from me- I AM SOOOO SORRY! and I am the rudest etsy shop owner ever!

Oh- and the trip to the mall. Which I will firstly say is not a place I usually ever go. This mall I have been to maybe 4 times in the 6 years of living in this town, and at least 2 of those is because they have a post office that is open on Saturday afternoon. Anyway, the mall. I have this lovely desk job that I rather enjoy. I have been sewing a lot lately and both of these are rather sedentary and have led me to not fit into the pants in my closet. I toyed with the idea that maybe I could let out some of the seams but it appears that I have jumped 2 sizes in the last year and- so- it is off to the mall I went. I spent $50 in a store and had my eye on Ann Taylor when firemen came from all corners. EVACUATE! they were yelling. no sirens, no alarms just a lot of fully uniformed fireman yelling. So I was saved from Ann Taylor (which I could not afford anyway) and made my way outside where every 16 year old volunteer firefighter was standing, grinning ear to ear that they had such excitement in their life. about a dozen fire trucks and ambulances were all milling around slowly and still no smoke or no explanation. 2 days later in the news it was all explained away as a “sewer gas leak” and the newsman gleefully said there were ” no injuries”. So, big excitement for small town me, all because I wanted to mail a package.


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