Perry Moffitt

November 28, 2008

Intown Quilters, a treasure in Atlanta

We took a pre-thanksgiving trip to Atlanta last weekend. Paul’s sister had just received her masters degree so there was a big party. Somehow in the midst of all the revelry I made it to a quilt shop I googled before we went down there. I picked it from the 8 shops that google showed me ( I will point out Philly is a bigger city than Atlanta and I have yet to find 3 quilting shops!) based on it’s close proximity to my in-laws. But what a treasure trove. I went crazy. In the face of belt tightening and upcoming holiday costs I flagrantly spent well over a hundred bucks. And that was showing restraint. A stack of fat quarters and a couple yards here and there and I am now faced with a serious overflow in my fabric stash. My Mother-in-Law recognized the building as an old comic book store and commented how much cleaner it was. Huge variety and even some designers I had never noticed before.

dscf1435So, it is probably best that this fabric store is so far away. It would be a real addiction for me if I had the money to spare…  I will say the prices were a little more than I am used to. Most places I find batiks between $7 and $8.50 a yard, and designer cottons $9.25 max. But the cheapest fabric I got was $9.50 and I even paid $10.50 for some of the fabrics. But, it does make all the difference seeing the fabrics in real life rather than ordering them online…


I made a pact with myself to make 20 dresses (and one wedding quilt) before I go fabric shopping again. I already made one for our cousin’s baby, so only 19 more to go!

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