Perry Moffitt

December 15, 2008

Old Quilt Repair

I made this quilt about 8 years ago. It has had a hard life. It started as a duvet cover but because I used the smallest seam-allowance-known-to-man the seams started to rip free and I decided that it would be my very first machine quilting project. Imagine sandwiching batting in a duvet cover and then machine quilting it without pinning. Disaster. And then to make matters worse, I haphazardly fixed the bursting seams with a wide zig zag stich.  It came out so poorly that I didn’t quilt again for years.dscf1469

But as it was my first “quilt”, it has many fabrics that I simply love and have never had again. So, I set my mind to repairing my disaster somehow.  I ironed on 1/4″ ribbon with iron-on hem tape over all the burst vertical seams. And then to unify it  a little I ran the ribbon across all the horizontal seams. I added a new backing and then top stitched both sides of the ribbon.


Top stitching slippery ribbon was a total pain. There was many a swear word in repairing this quilt but I think the end result was the best way I could fix it. Maybe I should have used a couple stripes of green ribbon in the middle but that aside, I am pleased with it’s new look.


Probably not the best fix for antique quilts with other problems beside the seams, but if you have a quilt that has been bursting its seams, I recomend this very economical repair!


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