Perry Moffitt

May 15, 2009

Spain, Volume 2 (barcelona)

Firstly, let me say this NY Times article was very helpful in hitting all the right spots in Barcelona. We only had 3 days there and I think we managed a good mix of museums and awesome food. Some highlights;

Day One- with jet lag and a husband with a serious neck crik we hobbled to Palau de la Música Catalana where we bought tickets for the following day (and were fortunate to get them) and settled into a little cafe for lite dinner. A walk on the Ramblas and a peek into the Cathedral of Barcelona (not the Gaudi one) and we called it a day. IMG_1415

Day Two started with the Picasso Museum, which was lovely and took about an hour. Then we returned to the Palau de la Musica where we mostly enjoyed a tour with a pretty arrogant tour guide and a weird “no pictures” rule. I understand the rule for oil paintings or fragile parchment but for tile and concrete?? Most of the rude americans tried to break the rule, me included. In a strange moment of law abiding, by husband high tailed it in the other direction so he wouldn’t be caught with me. So here is the rule breaking picture of the fantabulous ceiling…IMG_1465

I might be a little jaded but $30 per person for a tour I was expecting a glossy brochure or a chance to take some pictures. While it was a gorgeous building, I would be hesitant to suggest the tour based on the rude tour guide alone. There is a picture in all the guide books of this balcony–

Rights Managed

and they don’t even let you go there anymore.  Instead- buy some postcards in the gift shop…

The rest of Day 2 was spent hanging out with cousin Max who is in university in Barcelona (for Physics! what a brain!) and we dragged him to Poble Espanyol which was the worst deal of the trip. We paid an entrance fee to go into a manicured neighborhood where there were some artist shops that were not much different than the ones in the rest of barcelona. There were a handful of restaurants but unless there is a concert or something in the center square- Skip it.  We tried to see the Magic Fountain before heading back to the hotel, but we came on the wrong day of the week…sad.

Day 3 was much better- started at Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi cathedral still in construction. It was gorgeous of course, and the inside was a bit surprising, I expected it to be much more ornate, and maybe darker, like the outside but instead;

IMG_1506incredibly tall and airy and light. Really amazing! Next stop on the Gaudi tour was Park Guell, the best deal of the trip (no admission fee for the park, small fee for Gaudi house) where we found millions of other tourists but still managed to enjoy the modernist surroundings. Also, a hint, buy a combination ticket at Sagrada Familia and you will save 4 euros on the house admission.


Day 4 (before we flew to Ibiza) we went to the Casa Batllo which was fantastic aquatic themed dream world. Admission was very pricey but it felt worth it this time- I took millions of pictures, but this one is my favorite;


or maybe I LOVE this one the best- it is a toss up really…

IMG_1567okay one more picture- here was our lunch before going to the airport from one of the stalls in the Boqueria (the covered market right off the Ramblas). Cheap and delish!

IMG_1635next up- 3 days in Ibiza (not raving!)

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