Perry Moffitt

June 18, 2009

Painted Bathtub

First a health update. The verdict on the shoulder is that I pinched a nerve/tendon and a little physical therapy should fix me up good. I made the doctor repeat “no surgery” on my return appointment, he only rolled his eyes a little. The pain is down to minimal, only really preventing me from sleeping on my left side. Which I actually miss more than a little bit.

I am embarrassed to say how long this little crafty project took me but I was able to work on it one handedly last week. I like it although I can pick out a couple changes I would make if I were, say locked in the bathroom with a paintbrush. I am happy to say it is good enough.

IMG_1812I bought the flowers at Ikea as vinyl stickers you are supposed to use as wall art.  I stuck them on and painted over them with a tiny can of navy rustoleum, making them a like a stencil. The texture of the bathtub is a little nubbly so there was lots of paint that leaked under the stickers. I touched up with some white rustoleum and added a few extra leaves and dots. Total project cost? $18 !

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  1. I just love your painted tub, I have one out side we just hooked up with hot water next to the outdoor shower. I’m looking for ideas of how to paint it.

    Comment by Cheryl — November 10, 2009 @ 4:54 pm | Reply

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