Perry Moffitt

July 15, 2009

Green- pink- brown for baby

In theory this quilt is for a baby that is due in September. However if it gets sold at the Farmers Market next Saturday I will have to make another one for that September baby. Mom requested green with a touch of pink and brown. Which is not exactly what this became. But who can really blame me? The Heather Ross VW van fabric found it’s way in and I couldn’t convince it to come back out.

IMG_1844 And pink minkee? Well…  it was in the off-cut bin with a good markdown, and I love a good markdown.

IMG_1847 This is called a “card trick” square. They have always been very difficult for me. I have tried a couple different ways to make all the little points line up and quite honestly- this is the best I have ever done, and it is far from perfect. I seem to loose the outside points every time. I always revisit it after I give up in frustration but I have never been able to make them well.



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  1. Thanks alot – your answer solved all my prlombes after several days struggling

    Comment by Kaiden — April 29, 2011 @ 6:43 pm | Reply

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