Perry Moffitt

August 15, 2009

Another shout out for Alewives Fabrics!

We made a quick 4 day trip to Maine to quickly visit my folks. We managed 2 lobster dinners, mini golf with our friends, and a quick trip to both On Board Fabrics (where I impressed the employees with my story of having met Liesel of Oliver + S fame)  and Alewives. I love the variety and colors of the fabric at both, but was recognized by the Alewives Blogger, Rhea! Hi Rhea! Most days I just assume that I am writing into a void, like a little diary of my craftiness, but I was reminded that there are a few people out there reading. Hopefully this will spur me onto more and better posts!


This is PART of the stash I came home with. About half from each store. My fabric stash is busting at the seams, I have to finish some projects!!!

Which might make this a good time to announce my semi-retirement from baby dress making. My tendancy to get bored with things when they get successful has struck again. I seem to be able to sell 6 or so dresses a month but I have just lost the urge to make them anymore. That and I look around my house and notice there is very little of my sewing that I keep. I have 2 quilts that I have made.  TWO! out of 15 or so that I have ever made. I give them as wedding presents and baby presents and the like but I want to start making stacks and stacks of quilts for myself. The extra money supporting my fabric buying habit will be missed, but I will be very very warm this winter!

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