Perry Moffitt

September 3, 2009

Where has the summer gone?? September

So I am easing into my 12th week of pregnancy.  I feel a bit like a fraud because there is no visible difference to my body.  Although my loving husband disagreed with me and said I am definitely glowing, which I thought was terribly sweet.  Because I really don’t feel like I am glowing. Queasy and tired mostly. But I try not to complain because so many people have it so much worse than I.

Around now my husband and I get bored of our gardens. All our weed pulling and planting exuberance of spring is long gone and we have mostly abandoned the green beans and have been picking tomatoes with declining frequency. The exception is the raspberry bush that has pulled me outside every morning to pick it’s abundant fruits. It was a twiggy little stick last year and this year it has taken over a 3′ x 8′ bed. Lovely-

Picture 001

I have spent the last 2 weeks clearing things out of the guest room, basement and shed. Anticipating the need for room for baby things. Craig’s list has helped significantly in the clearing. I leave long forgotten treasures in the driveway in the morning and by the afternoon they have been picked up by grateful people who email their thanks. It is so easy and who doesn’t like email’s full of thanks?

I made these lampshades a couple months ago but never wrote about them. Hot glue is magic. What more is there to say about them? They match… and they fool me into believing the lamps match… what more could a girl ask for?

Picture 002

I have been quilting, very very slowly quilting a quilt that I like. I like it but I don’t love it. Which makes it harder to work on sometimes. I have all these little baby things floating around in my head that I want to make but I am forcing myself to finish this quilt first.

Picture 003

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