Perry Moffitt

January 27, 2010

Ruffle Foot

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One of the Christmas presents I requested this year had our new baby in mind. A ruffle foot for my sewing machine seemed like a must have for all the upcoming girl things in our world. I have not quite mastered it yet. *ahem*.  Breaking two needles in one sitting is not my usual style. But I am getting the hang of it. Although, if anyone out there had a ah-hah moment they would like to share about the Janome ruffle foot I would be happy to listen!

My mother is a notorious bargain hunter, her voice squeaking when she sees a sign for church rummage sale or thrift shop. She picked up a load of various baby clothes at some moment and I am slowly transforming them, as I did my own clothes when I was a girl and she brought home “vintage” treasures. This long sleeve tee won’t fit baby for more than a year but when it does I am so excited to see her twirl in it.

The nursery is coming right along, there are a couple glaring absences, like a mattress for the gorgeous hand-me-down crib but I am filling in some of the list with things I can make, like this dust ruffle.

I wish you could see the fabric better in the picture, the animals have names like gustav, alfonze and mona which for some reason tickles me to no end.  For trim I used a precious few scraps of the red and pink farmers market fabric I found on ebay for a handsome sum that-shall-not-be -mentioned-here-but-I-do-not-regret-for-a-second. I have plans for a red and pink crib quilt for this baby. Which I guess I should get a start on seeing as I have reached my 32 week! Yikes! where did the time go?

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