Perry Moffitt

February 18, 2010

Knitting is not my thing, luckily I am the only one

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I am a lucky lucky person. I had my baby shower this past weekend. In my head I thought it would be a little food, some friends and a couple bottles and books in gift bags. Holy Cow, my friends and family blew me away with their generosity. The pile of presents kept growing and halfway though I had to take a breather. Without boring the crafty audience out there with every little amazing thing we got I thought I would dedicate this post to knitting and crocheting, two talents I have never developed.

Did I ever tell the story about the one and only knitting project I did? It took me ten years, no exaggeration, when I finished it in 2009 I was using the magazine I started it with dated 1999. It was lopsided and so wonky that pear shaped doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I use it on the couch and almost a year after finishing it I still find dropped stitches that I have to tie off. I call it my Afgan-istan.  My own personal war, it took forever and still didn’t turn out very well.

this amazing sweater is from Aili, who rarely has empty needles , I might even classify her as an addict. I am so impressed at the stripes! I can’t imagine I could ever get stripes to look so good.

this charmer just melts my heart, those cutey ears! made by the talented Kristy!

This wonder was made by Lucy. I can’t even imagine the math involved in this, I keep picking it up and staring at it in awe.

And the blankets! with hoods (Dorothy) and tassels (Bec) and perfect stroller blankets (Karen). I am swimming in homemade goodness.


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