Perry Moffitt

March 17, 2010

fully stocked

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I have not sewn anything since that quick little diaper bag and since baby has decided not to arrive before her due date,  I am going to distract you all with pictures of the nursery. This is not the best picture of the psychedelic chandelier. Imagine the lights off and one of those painted light bulbs diffused by a few dozen crystals. It makes quite the effect on me,  and I am not a baby who might need a distraction during diaper changes. Incidentally, it is an old Ikea purchase, which has moved all around our house and even been in a play Paul did last season. That partnered with the hand-me-down changing table that so perfectly matches the wardrobe (that used to be a computer cabinet)  makes the theme of the nursery “free or cheap” .

The generosity of friends and family has brought us to a ridiculous amount of clothing for one little baby. This is all the 0 to 6 month clothes. Clothes for the winter and next summer are in the boxes above.  Early in pregnancy I dragged Paul to a fundraiser clothing sale at a friends school where I filled a bag for $30 and felt victorious. Now that we have soooo much it feels silly to have done it. But such is the excitement of little ones! I would mention that the 2 wicker baskets are full to the brim with onesies I couldn’t hang, but that would just be showing off, right?

Books and toys, what else to say about this little corner? Oh, wait! I did make that lampshade for the Ebay lamp. Yup.

And the crib, another hand me down, except with a new mattress (thanks Grammy!) with it’s awesome projection mobile (thanks Gayle).

Thanks for coming by folks,  here commences the tour, please hand in your 3d glasses at the door, and wait patiently a few more days (or 2 weeks) for baby Moffitt to arrive.

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  1. What a cute, colorful nursery! You’ve inspired me, Cybele. I can’t WAIT to get started. I hope I’m as lucky as you are and get lots of fun hand-me-downs.

    Comment by Elizabeth @ Life in Pencil — March 19, 2010 @ 10:16 am | Reply

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