Perry Moffitt

March 26, 2010

Simplicity 2830, totally lame

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Here we are, 6 days past baby due date, sitting around the house with a sore back and swollen feet, trying not to bring on labor until Monday because; Surprise! Baby decided head down was boring and flipped herself back up. We found out 2 days ago that she was breech and were given the options to plan a c-section or to go to the specialist and have him try to flip her.  From what I have read and the doctor’s opinion, there is less than a 40% chance of turning a baby at 41 weeks, these things are better done at or before 36 weeks apparently. But on Monday we are giving it a try. I will admit that the urge to pickup the phone and say “I am coming in for that c-section, right NOW” has crossed my mind more than once. But we will give her a chance…

While waiting around with cabin fever I dug out a simplicity pattern that I picked up ages ago, and wow- what a disappointment. Simplicity 2830- you have brought me to new levels of pattern disappointment  with your poor directions, lack of inner lining, too skinny handles and complete miscalculation for zipper size. I added a lining for the pockets and inner compartment, resigned myself to skinny string like handles and completely abandoned the top of the pattern when I realized the 14″ zipper that it called for was miles too long.

I also added a rectangle of interfacing for the bottom, so it would sit nicely. The whole bag might have benefited from interfacing, but I rather like the floppiness of it. This is a pattern that seems to have missed out on the testing phase. I am sure that it would be better used with a home dec weight fabric, but that would not have prevented the totally screwed up top and the fact that I was left with a zipper that was the wrong size and handles that were a mile too long. So there is my warning, but that being said, I love what I ended up with, after all my edits! Now to load it up with diapers and wipes!


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