Perry Moffitt

April 28, 2010

one month!

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It is late at night and I should be catching some sleep but here I am thinking about one month ago at this time of night. I was staring somewhat sleeplessly at the ceiling scared at what the doctor would say at my baby-flipping visit the next morning. Not knowing if a c-section was something I wanted to fight for or fight against… Well, history tells us the doctor could not flip the baby, for she was too big or too sideways or too something, honestly all I really remember was the part where he said “go check-in on the maternity floor, c section in 2 hours”, and all I could think was- “oh no, we didn’t bring the packed-two-months -in-advanced- very- important- hospital-overnight-bag”. I don’t think I used anything but pajamas out of that bag, but my panic of not having the bag was something I didn’t even confess to my husband at the time.

My sis-in-law captured this beauty a few weeks ago, I think it might be my most favorite picture of her so far. It shows her funny little faces and her perfect little lips, oh wait, I am gushing… sorry ! Okay, not that sorry- here is some more pics from the same photo session.

My sewing machine has been collecting dust since her arrival.  But maybe during nap time one of these days I will work on the paintbox squares I started before she arrived.

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