Perry Moffitt

December 20, 2010

Quick Pirate Lap Quilt

A quicky for a Christmas present. I have scraped the bottom of the red barrel with this one. I have very little red in my stash left, which means time for shopping! I started this last week and have been managing an hour or two every night after baby’s bedtime. Didn’t get a chance to iron the seams yet but was so thrilled to have something new to blog about I couldn’t resist posting right away. I have an Ikea velour blanket for backing so it will end up being in the neighborhood of 40″ x 48″ when we are done. Here is hoping I can get it done before the big day.

what? you are asking about the orange and purple quilt? yes yes, I put it aside for a moment. It is almost done, but well *i kind of hate it* I have done the best I can with it, but have you ever had a quilt that you hate working on? I hate working on it. It will be nice to give it away, I do hope they like it… Was that mean? No, I really do hope they like the purple and orange that they requested. Oh well, pulling my foot from my mouth…

Do you like the random little pirates? I think it made it a little punky, and the recipient is just a little punky 🙂



  1. You made me laugh. Did you post pictures of the orange and purple quilt that you hate somewhere, and I just missed them?

    I too am biased toward red, and feeling envious that you get to go out and buy more red fabric now. If I buy any more fabric before I make a serious dent in my stash, I will have to smuggle it into the house while my husband is out golfing.

    But your post reminded me about TWO quilts that I have plans and fabrics for, but that only exist in my head right now. One of them is for my soon-to-be-10-year-old son, and the main fabric is a large scale Asian dragon fabric that is predominantly orange, navy, and you guessed it — purple! My son has been obsessed with all things orange since he was in preschool. So that’s the orange and purple quilt I’m itching to get started on.

    The other quilt I’m dying to get started on is going to be built around a black fabric with tattoo girls on it and lots of primary colored baby mobile type designs. It’s hard to explain, but you can see a photo of the fabric here: Very Kat von D meets Infant Stim-Mobile! And of course I will be using lots of red fabric in that one, since red is the best…

    Anway, I do like your punky little pirates. And I’d love to see the orange and purple quilt, too!

    Comment by Rebecca Grace — December 22, 2010 @ 1:25 pm | Reply

  2. I think the asian dragon sounds like a lovely way to make orange and purple work. I think I am most mad that I used some of my favorite purples and oranges and then I hated it. Oh well, live and learn. Here is the in process orange and purple,

    I worked on it a little last night so hopefully it will be done by the wedding on friday!!!

    Comment by perrymoffitt — December 28, 2010 @ 3:11 pm | Reply

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