Perry Moffitt

April 12, 2011

Art for the Anglophile

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Once in college, when I screwed up in a scene design class, I presented myself to the professor after hours and said “Do you want to hear my excuses, or can I just promise to do better?”. It cut the tension, he just said, “do better” and shooed me away.  After all, no one wants to hear excuses, they just want to know you will do better next time. I took that lesson into the real world with me and I am always a little shocked when someone wants to know the how and why of the muddle we find ourselves in. I mean really? Don’t you just want to know I will make it better the best I can?

So.  No boring excuses on why I have been so absent from blog land, just a promise of much goodness to come.

I got this in the mail somewhat recently. Framed it up with wrapping paper for the background and a cheapy frame from Ikea,  put it in the dark interior stairwell to perk things up and there you go. I would apologize for the rotten picture, but we have been over that, I will just do better in the future.

My guilty secret is that I love all things British. I am an anglophile through and through. This website has long satisfied my anglophile shopping needs. London Transport Museum Shop. go there. love it. buy lots because it arrives at your house so so so fast. And I am getting no kickbacks from them, I am just their biggest fan. I mean how else am I supposed to get my William and Kate Tea Towel? Ebay be damned. This one is just so gorgeous!

*update * and now sold out apparently, proof that it was awesome!

P.S. a picture of the imp who despite being a little on the ill side, is very helpful on the household tasks.

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