Perry Moffitt

April 21, 2011

small wedding present

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We have all been there. Invited to a wedding of someone we hardly know. We got invited to the wedding of someone who is lovely and charming and had “known” in social circles for a while but when that invite arrived I just stood there in the kitchen thinking,  “well I don’t know if I could pick her out of a crowd but, here we go…”

This is the token gift I got the happy couple about a year ago from Wise Impressions. Well, not this bowl, theirs had their names on it and that date but for the sake of anonymity I will show you the sample pic from the etsy site.  Although now that I think about it, it was a wedding that was written up in the Vows column in the New York Times, so I doubt they give a hoot about anonymity. Anyway.

I have always given a quilt as a wedding present.   To every single wedding I have been to. That is a lot of quilts, folks. But the baby was just born when the invite arrived, and only a few months old when the wedding occurred so there was no time for quilts and I went this route. And I thought I would share with you. Because it is the perfect little token gift to give with a check or whatnot. And I was super pleased with it. Use it as you will. I am putting in another order today. Because babies eat time.

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