Perry Moffitt

July 12, 2011

Summer Snippets

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Somehow this year we have every weekend between June 18 and Sept 18 booked. For Real. I am only a few weeks into the 3 weddings, 3 bridal showers, 3 bachelorettes, 1 family reunion, 2 road trips,  let’s-have-a-party extravaganza and while I am holding my own, I am also seriously wishing for a maid and chef. And a sitter so I can go see the last Harry Potter.

In between all the craziness I did manage to enter my block for the Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge.  We were asked to make an original block, which is no easy task, my friends. I doubt that my block is original, but I did some serious internet looking and couldn’t find anything like it. I am going to call it rouched circles or maybe ruffled dots. Some of my inspiration on this block is here and here and here.

I did manage to trim up the edges a bit before I sent it in, but I do regret this camera phone picture is all I managed. I have a bunch more of the Habitat fabric to make into blocks for the guild’s donation quilts, but according to my schedule I might have some time to myself about 10 days  from now. Ahhh, relaxing summer…

And a picture of the babe with PIGTAILS! I waited too long for this day. Honestly, the pigtails make me way more happy than any hairstyle should.

In all of my spare time this summer I plan on sewing a dress without a pattern, gulp. I lurk this company that I have mentioned I LOVE in the past, but when I write their name in my blog  readership goes through the roof with people trying to find their products stateside. So,  instead I will link their site with this dress which I plan on making for baby girl in a size that will fit her next summer. Thank you Cloth and Bobbin for carrying the gorgeous knits that will make this dress!

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