Perry Moffitt

August 25, 2011

2 weeks in pictures

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I was forced to pull myself away from sewing for a little while.

Because a tree fell on the house.

And poked a hole in the nursery. We were at the grocery store when it happened, but the little miss points at the ceiling and says, Uh-Oh. We now have a new section of roof, but there are still some repairs to be done.

We have been savoring the last few weeks of warmth.

And I have put my quilting aside to do some other outdoor projects not related to big stinking trees. I  started transforming the smaller, older tool shed into a playhouse for the little miss. A few gallons of Kilz on the inside so far but there is much more to paint.  And there is a new window to be framed. I have been image searching and loving all the playhouse ideas out there and collecting all my inspiration on pintrest. Seriously, click that link and you will start dreaming about your own playhouse.

My mom arrived with these treasures and I promptly painted them with the wrong paint (*%^&#*@#!) . I thought I was spraying them with black primer but alas, it was product called “undercoating” which still has not fully dried 4 days later! So, there might be a trip to the sandblaster and then a do-over. In the end I want these to be red, with a pink seat and pink table top, and they will live in her playhouse.

So, that is what has been going on. Plus 2 more weddings, a birthday,  a family reunion and friends staying from out of town. I have 17 days to finish a wedding quilt who’s top is not quite pieced… Or a year and 17 days if I choose to take my husband’s advice…

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