Perry Moffitt

February 20, 2013

Quick piecing tiny squares for doll quilts.

I read a great tutorial over on sew, mama, sew about using fusible interfacing for tiny piecing. It was so genius I was a little jealous I hadn’t thought of it myself. I should have taken some process pictures, but Elizabeth has some great process shots, so head over there for more detail.


My almost 3 year old and I had a great time using the 2.5″ scrap squares I had trimmed with this accuquilter die. She picked where they would go and I just straighten the grid pattern. The first one we made was simple and super fast. easy peasy squares. I backed it with some scrap minke and it has already moved to the world of baby dolls.

IMG_0319My young helper found some of the 2.5″ triangles from the same die so I pieced them and added them to the fusible interfactin just like the squares. I admit to doing a little rearranging from my kid’s original placement to get that nice visual diagonal, but she did say “that’s better mommy, that’s like a sandwich”.


And for our third baby doll quilt I got a little crazy.  Or over-confident,  but maybe that is the same thing.  In my head I was thinking that I could do diagonal seams just like the vertical and horizontal with the fusible webbing and it would be like the one diagonal on the 2nd quilt. It was going to be so much faster than piecing the triangles and then putting them in the grid! I was so wrong!

I tried to do the diagonal seams first, but after just 2 seams I saw that it shifted the horizontal and vertical lines and I wouldn’t be able to sew the “up” and “down” seams. So I ripped it out and did the the  up and down seams first. Above is a back side picture showing the horizontal and vertical seams sewn and then cut open.


This picture is a total mess but it kind of shows the diagonal seams, and the below picture shows what started happening.


I am still kind of amazed. It turned into an entirely different beast!  Not at all where I thought it was going, but pretty interesting. Probably not a doll quilt anymore, maybe a table pad for hot pots? maybe a carpet for the barbie house? who knows…


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