Perry Moffitt

October 26, 2013

Sewing for “Days for Girls”

A little work in progress post while I work on secret Christmas projects! I recently bought a pretty awesome sewing magazine and found an article about this amazing charity, “Days for Girls” . If you don’t want to click I can try to sum it up. In parts of this world where there isn’t regular garbage collection or bathroom plumbing, that time of the month means that young girls and women frequently stay in their rooms, sometimes sitting on cardboard. And here is the important part, these girls are hiding way and missing class or work for one week every 4 weeks, the effect are huge, they marry younger, stay less educated, and earn less for their families. Basic hygiene that we take for granted is being brought to them in the form of kits from amazing sewing volunteers. I have started to sew a pretty decent collection in hopes to get them shipped by Christmas.


I enlisted my mother-in-law and she enlisted her sisters and they did all the cutting for the shields. I have started pinning and sewing and I think we will have 45 total shields, as long as I don’t screw any up!


The shields are 2 layers of cotton and a layer of PUL, a waterproof and washable fabric also used in cloth diapers, which also happens to be very slippery to sew with. 2 cotton tabs on either end keep in the liners. I don’t have a snap press, but the charity mentions that they will do the snaps on any shields without them. One shield down, 44 to go!


 The liners are made from flannel, I have to get my serger out to finish the edges on these. 4 yards made about 60 liners.


And the easiest part, the tote bag, I made 12 so far, but those guys are easier to kick out. My numbers are way off, each kit should have 2 shields and 10 liners per tote bag. I figure the shield is the hardest part to make, so I am making lots of those, and now that I do the math, I would have to make 160 more flannel liners, that’s another 12 yards of flannel! Yikes! I I want to make 22 full kits I am gonna have to find a good sale on flannel!


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  1. This is perhaps the most beautiful project I’ve seen!

    Comment by Kathleen — October 27, 2013 @ 12:23 pm | Reply

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