Perry Moffitt

February 11, 2015

Back on the Horse

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I took a break from blogging. Inadvertently and unintentionally, but once I went silent, it was hard to talk about why. 2014 was a tough year. My Husband lost his aunt to cancer. Long standing marriages in my family started inexplicably crumbling causing trickle down anxieties and problems. Some of our life plans were delayed longer than we ever thought. In May I was terminated from my job and replaced by their just-graduated-from-college daughter. I am not proud to say, but it brought on a deep depression that some friends and acquaintances either didn’t see or didn’t understand. As one does in the hardest times, I learned who I can lean on. My husband has been my rock. I am still learning to adjust my life to surround myself with empathetic and responsive friends. In September I started a new job just a few miles from the house, with some lovely people, exactly in my field, and I know I am very, very lucky to have found something so fast. Yet, the black clouds lurked a little longer than I ever thought they could.

This is not to beg sympathy from the anonymous world of blog readers, only to acknowledge the ups and downs of life. Most everyone understands having a bad week, month, year and more importantly trying to find a way to bounce back. And if you know me in real life, that little woe-is-me story prefaced my apology for the endless yammering I surely have done about this life transition. Sorry, thanks for bearing with me.



I did a 2 day craft fair Thanksgiving weekend which was fairly successful. I did a lot of sewing beforehand and I will trickle these pictures out in the coming weeks. All the regular things for me. Baby quilts, Baby dresses, quilted pillows, and tooth fairy pillows. I did some aprons and drawstring backpacks too, which didn’t sell very well, but left me with some good Christmas presents to give.  But the best part of this picture, for me, is my 4 year old shopkeeper, getting more clever everyday!

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