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March 31, 2014

Black and White Baby Quilt

A baby quilt for an expecting music teacher. I bought the only music fabrics at the 2 stores I visited,  embraced the black and white idea and found a pin on pintrest and away we go!


Why yes, I did just finish painting the front hall and adding these hooks. Don’t they look swell?



The applique flower, needed a little something, so I added that stitched swirl.  It makes me want to add more stitched detail somewhere… but where?


And the back is part of an IKEA duvet cover I got from AS IS for $10. It couldn’t be more perfect for a baby girl!


Yes, this darn quilt is a rhombus. How I did it, I don’t know. I trimmed at right angles! I Swear!  You don’t notice at all until you hang it… Maybe I will blame it on the new hooks, they must be off… right?

February 7, 2009

White Baby Quilt


After a few annoying days of thinking my sewing machine was broken, I changed the needle and vowed not to use the zig zag stich for a while. That will solve it! I managed to crank out another bento box quilt, I really do love this pattern, as evidenced by the 3 other quilts I made with it!

dscf15101I had every chance in the world to take a lot of great pictures of this quilt outside this weekend, but instead I took some mediocre pictures in natural sunlight and then some more mediocre pictures inside on the bed, which is why this quilt looks like it is a trapezoid. Which it isn’t, although I fear it is a little wonky-  The satin binding and I had some words and a few curses before we came to the end, where I swore I would never use it again. Which I have sworn before…


and some more minkee on back! I am forever grateful I figured out to put “heat -n-bond lite” between the batting and minkee. It makes quilting minkee so much easier. Now, if anyone has any tricks to make satin binding work better, I am all ears! Now for sale in my etsy shop, the first link on the right… Donated to a silent auction for Theatre Exile here in Philly. It sold- but they never told me how much it made them 😦

January 18, 2009

White Baby Quilt, WIP

I was left with a small stack of white and cream leftovers after the wedding quilt a few weeks ago.  I had some advice early on that I would have great success if I made white quilts for babies, I think I might have rolled my eyes. But I decided to use up the leftovers and throw in this lovely ducky fabric (that seems to match nothing else in the universe) and see what happens. The sad truth is I have baby quilts in 2 different stores and etsy right now, and none of them selling. So what harm would one more be, right?



UPDATED *** finished quilt here***

January 1, 2009

Beach Quilt for Wedding

Happy New Year! We are still recovering from a fantastic wedding last night, complete with balloon drop on midnight. The wedding present was done just in time, but we were having one hell of a wind storm which forced me inside for photos…img_10651

don’t mind the bird in the corner, I had to get my head well into the ceiling fan to take this picture.


With every quilt I learn a new lesson, This time I learned that the 95% cotton batting really does shrink and make a “poofy” quilt after it is washed. I had only used it on baby quilts until now and the shrinking was hardly noticable, but with the big squares on this one, it was very obvious. So, beware the cotton batting!


**in process pictures here**

December 22, 2008

Wedding quilt, a preview…

The design has evolved. For the bride’s wedding shower I made 2 pillowcases out of some of the fabric. It took her a minute to realize what they were, but she seemed to like the fabrics, the comedy of the situation is the edging I used was the ship fabric and I took it out of the quilt because it just didn’t match very well.


I found a fabric with sand dollars that I added and I had some good luck with fading the sea shell fabric.  Thanks Rhea for the Martha Stewart sugestion! I found that article and it suggest 2 to one water to bleach. It was pretty good result but it made it very yellow. I picked up some Rit Color Remover (you know, next to all the Rit dye that you use for tie dying) and that got rid of some of the yellow and and some more color.


now, here is the real question, did I succeed in making a white and tan quilt? She got all of her bedding at the wedding shower and every last bit was “hotel white” which is what sent be back to the fabric store to pick up that white on white print that I like to think looks like sea urchins. Fingers crossed that it is “white” enough… Oh and fingers crossed that I will find the time to quilt it before the new years wedding!

***UPDATE**** finished quilt here****

November 11, 2008

Beach Theme Quilt

I am pretty confident that the wedding couple don’t read my blog, but just in case I will not say my initial emotions on the wife-to-be’s requested “white and tan” quilt. Although, I guess you can read between the lines so I might as well say it seemed a little boring to me. The husband-to-be enlightened Paul a little by saying they had a beach theme in the bedroom, so I got a lot more excited to make something with a theme. And it is always better to make a quilt they will use than make a quilt they want to hide so, I picked up an ivory flat sheet at Ikea and the below fabrics at Joann’s Fabric. img_1024

I am toying with trying to bleach the shell fabric. Just to lighten it a little. But maybe I can work it in to a pattern without making it look totally foreign. Anyone out there tried to artificially fade a quilting cotton?

**UPDATE*** See finished quilt here***

November 6, 2007

Updated, Red Poppies

so, no satin binding. I kind of forgot while rushing to get done. It would have been nice because it would have made it a little bigger. It is a pretty small quilt. I bought the red binding, so I will be making another one.

I finally made use of some of the red and black in my fabric stash, I am thinking about a satin red blanket binding…

I have another nearly done quilt but the lucky recipient reads this blog so pictures of that one will show up later.


September 10, 2007

2 new baby quilts

I have decided to stop buying fabric for a while and use what I already have. I am pretty fond of this quilt. I love that the Kaffe flowers stand out with very little fabric. I also enjoy the quilt pattern, I invented it to accommodate the red fabric which was only skinny remnants from Jules’s quilt. Fast, easy, lovely.

I was itching to do an appliqué on the center square but couldn’t find the right inspiration before I had to take it to the Maternal Wellness Center on Saturday (where these are both on sale, hint, hint) .

The red one I like a little less. It turned out to be an exercise in screwed up measurements and I used every last thread of the cherry fabric, , one inch less and I would have been forced to added another print entirely. I also think the blue clashes. Those are itty-bitty crabs in case you can’t see them. I used them on my brother-in-law’s quilt so I could say “you have crabs in your bed”. A funny joke for a college freshman, probably not as funny for a crib quilt.

The only saving grace, in my opinion, is the red blanket binding. I think the key to blanket binding is a darker color, last time I used pink blanket binding and the print showed right through, not the case for the red.



May 18, 2007

Jacob and Donnell’s quilt

I get so inspired looking at all these sewing and crafty blogs at my desk all day, sneaking peaks between phone calls. I figure I better start to share the hurried creations I make after work and on the weekends. I started this quilt with the pinwheel squares and didn’t really love it. When I found the lizard fabric deep in my fabric stash I knew it would draw it together a little better. I still don’t love the quilt on the whole but I keep looking back the picture and liking it more.

The happy couple sent the nicest thank you note, how nice of them to lie. I am sure it clashes with everything. next time, 4 patterns of one color and no crazy rainbows.

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