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January 29, 2012

Elephants and trucks, ready for sale

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I finished two baby quilts! My WIP pile is shrinking so fast!

Minkee backing on the elephant and bicycle quilt. Not for a Florida baby maybe, but any other baby would love it!

you can find these for sale here;


January 8, 2012

Two baby quilts started

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Christmas has me feeling a little broke, so I am working on some quilts to sell on etsy. Two tops done so far.

I always find baby quilts to be so refreshing to make after working on big quilts. This diamond quilt was the exception. What a beast to sew! I am glad I tried this smaller size before making this pattern in a larger size. That 60 degree angle changes everything somehow, the grain of the fabric or something. The diamonds warp and wiggle, what a pain!

This is basically the end of my blue and green in my stash. Going to have to make a few purple quilts next.

I love the pink and grey combo. It has been a long time since I have done a quilt with only 3 fabrics. But these elephants kind of called for it.  I have a great binding picked out, so technically it will be 4 fabrics… Still a rarity for me.

I am also loving my new photo spot on the playhouse! Purple looks quite nice with this one 🙂

December 11, 2011

Sock Monkey Quilt

My best girlfriend is getting a new nephew for Christmas. So, I made this one as fast as I could!

A stacked coin quilt with sock monkey fabric, to match the nursery.

I appliqued a few more from a scrap to make sure no one missed the monkey theme.

My favorite color combo is blue and yellow, I didn’t notice until it was pieced how much yellow I managed to sneak in. Hopefully auntie won’t mind…

Flannel on back with more sock monkeys.

November 13, 2011

Baby shower presents from the stash

A very sweet mama friend asked for gently used or upcycled things for her new baby. I dove into my stash and perked up a few burp cloths and a bib and made a scrappy lovey for this new baby. I love love love the scrabble fabric! It makes monogramming very hip and easy! I found it at equilter.

I also gave baby this quilt, which had been in my cupboard for just a reason like this and was just the colors I was using on everything else.

I love it when a stash comes together ! Not one trip to the store for this present!

September 11, 2011

Peacock quilt

We are at the end of a long summer of weddings. And this wedding brought us to the North Carolina beach for a week. Which is pretty great. Only on day 2 and feeling all the stress melt away. Ahhhh…

This bride is crazy organized and had a theme over a year ago. Rustic Beach or some thing like that. All I know is she plans to have lots of peacock themed stuff. So I took that and ran…

Did I ever mention that I eloped?  This here wedding celebration is starting on Wednesday with brunch and winding up late Saturday night.

It is enough to drive a girl to strawberry daiquiris on the beach. Not that I had 2 or maybe 3 earlier today.

anyway- the backside-

All green with a nice little pieced stripe. That navy is the bed sheet, I might have had a photoshoot with a daiquiri and not noticed that until now. Don’t worry folks, there is an aunt and uncle and grandma around to be in charge should anyone need to have a diaper change.

Sorry, got distracted there for a second. Here is another photo of the pieced stripe on the back.

And a little tag, Ta-dah! Now back to the beach. Much more relaxing to be done this week!

August 4, 2011

Scrappy Houses Quilt

I have been done with this quilt for a while, but was waiting for my mother-in-law to come for a visit so I could finally give it to her. Christmas in July is what this really is, 7 months past it’s due date!

There is a lot going on in this quilt,I took some detail shots in an earlier post.

I like the back almost as much as the front. It is a long saved Ikea duvet cover. I had to add a little to the sides to make the twin size expanded to a queen size. The final size on this quilt is 90″ x 90″. Green is a hard color when it comes to quilts. Or at least I find it to be tough. It always looks a bit christmasy unless you can find some nice light greens. I think the binding saved this one from the christmas vibe.  I am always on the lookout for green on green prints, and now more than ever because I have used up 2 of them!

September 22, 2010

stage fright, or why I eloped

So, baby is almost 6 months old which made me feel okay about wandering out to my first quilt guild meeting (ever) last night. The official name? Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild. I am not usually a “joiner” of things. Driving there I wondered why that was. Then it was show and tell time.  I was instantly reminded of my stage fright. The tunnel vision, the rambling, the general discomfort of standing in front of more than 3 people and talking. (I eloped for just this reason.) I rambled on and on, asked questions without waiting for answers and literally flashed the front and back of 2 quilts before I ran to my seat. It. Was. Embarrassing. I even had a nightmare about it last night. I mean really, why was I so scared of talking to a bunch of really nice quilting ladies.  But I did it. And the ladies all seem very nice and I fear that I will never find the time to do the little monthly projects but, having goals is nice, so there you go.

Since I can hardly get the laundry done these days I showed a quilt I made for hubby for Valentines day of *ahm* 2009. Which I have never shown blog land because, well…  it is very far from being done.  Pebbling is harder than I thought. And I am kind of stumped on the binding. And well, I don’t know- once I missed the deadline I lost steam.

The applique boats were drawn by my husband to the very specific shapes. One is his, one is is brother’s, one is his dad’s. They build boats, I make quilts about their boats.

Pebbling? Hard for anyone else? break lots of needles like me? I love the result, but it makes me want to tear my hair out. And don’t you think I should add some fluffy clouds to the top on the front? hummmm….

January 3, 2010

Last Christmas Present Mailed!

Yeah yeah, it’s January 3rd and I just finished this Christmas present yesterday but , hey- at least it is still quilt season! She did have this to open on Christmas morning, so I am not a complete slacker. I did a quick photograph before rushing to the post office. I was in such a rush I didn’t even measure it’s final size to make sure it was big enough for a queen bed! fingers crossed!

I used my new labels for the first time. I got them from Mel on etsy and have been itching to use one.

The back is the 2nd half of an Ikea duvet cover that I also used for Lauren’s quilt. Slowly busting my fabric stash!

November 12, 2009

Quilted Pillowcase

Much much respect to photographers who take interior shots and they look like pottery barn catalog pictures. I rather love these pillowcases but could not find the patience to keep smoothing wrinkles. That seems to be a theme mid pregnancy. Lack of patience. Hopefully it will wane because I suspect I will be needing some in the near future.













These are made from the scraps from the Christmas present for my sister in law. But I think they turned out pretty perfect. A nice little extra for her for Christmas.



October 13, 2009

Purple and Blue quilt, a work in progress…

IMG_2208Lots of work around here. Paul fixed the sheetrock in baby’s room and has been spackling for days. I think I will get to paint this weekend. I finally decided on a mural- and I will try to remember the before, during and after pictures.  Pawning off stuff on friends to make room for the baby. Seeing lots of theatre shows (and laughing loudly!) and  trying to get in some social time with friends before the big baby event.  Still time before Christmas to finish this quilt, I might even start another!! Oh, and a picture of the dog being an activist at a rally recently.


she is protesting the 8% sales tax that the PA state legislature just added to non-profit theater, dance and music tickets. Sporting events and movie tickets continue to go untaxed.

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