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November 17, 2008

70’s Zig Zag Baby Quilt

My hubby says this color combination makes him think of the 70’s and when he says it, he says it with a wrinkled nose. None the less; I rather like it and am really pleased to have used my kelly green minke so easily. It just looked SO green when it came home from the store I had doubts that I would ever find a home for it.



October 25, 2008

Yellow and Green, Bento Box Variation for Baby

I finished the commissioned quilt last night and just finished the indoor photo shoot because it is raining. Too bad the world series can’t move inside! There is a lot of excitement in Philly is about the possible rain cancellation today. Anyway, the quilt->

What is that white ribbon doing in the middle two squares?  I ran so disastrously low on that bird fabric that the ribbon fudged me the extra inch I needed. I should have added some more on the border  to make it look a little more involved, such is the problem with 20/20 hindsight.

I love the minke on the back. I should say I love the minke now that I learned how to use it. I used some Heat -n- Bond lite to baste the minke to the batting. I made a disaster of a couple other projects with minke because it has a terrible tendency to stretch and bunch and this eliminated the problem completely. I had some early moments of anxiety because it felt like there was a sheet of crinkly newspaper in the quilt before I washed it. But a hot wash and a tumble in the dryer has it feeling like a soft cozy quilt.

October 16, 2008

Bento Box Variation Squares

From what I can tell, a true bento box square would be 8 fabrics per square but I made a variation for my baby quilts with only 5 prints . Above is the start for the commissioned yellow and green baby quilt. I feel like I have searched everywhere for yellow and green prints that are not flowers (or gingham, I kinda hate gingham) and come up with the above, which are still pretty floral, Hopefully they are abstract enough that the recipient will not think it girly…

***UPDATED**** see finished quilt here****

November 19, 2007

Wedding Lap Quilt, 6 months late

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At least I can reveal one secret project. This happy couple got married 6 months ago and I was sewing the binding in the few moments before they arrived for dinner last night.

I found it hard to make burgundy and green (the brides request) to not look like christmas, but since it took 6 months to make, it is just in time for the holidays.

The groom has an amazing quilt from his family on their bed, so instead of trying to compete with that, I went with a lap quilt for the couch. I ended up a little smaller than I had originally planned, but they seemed happy. Maybe it is just ’cause they are happy all around. Did I mention they brought the most delish homemade apple cider??? Nicest folks ever. They will be mortified I put their picture up, I might have to blur their faces…



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