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February 6, 2014

Pink and Brown Baby Quilt

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A girl we went to college with just had a baby girl and she was looking for someone to make a memory quilt. These 2 fabrics were something her sister had and she wanted to incorporate them into some kind of blankie for her daughter. I didn’t have much fabric that to matched so I steered toward super pink, but her mom is good with super pink. The corduroy looks more brown in real life, so I went brown to mix with these.


First the security blankets, the original fabrics, plus satin and a pop of bright pink. I think this is all she was truly asking for but….


I am a sucker for little girls so I went a little farther and did a quilt. Okay, I guess that is a LOT farther…


And this is where I fall short in documenting the quilt. Husband set the camera to some ridiculous low pixel setting without my knowing and these are the actual size that pictures are coming out now. My 3 year old phone takes better pictures! But I didn’t know this sadness before I sent the quilt away, so lets just pretend it is 1998 and these digital pictures are awesome. Big pinwheels! Birds and Butterflies! Appliqued satin heart! Pretend like you can see all that…


And the back. Kind of lackluster but has the remainder of the memory fabric and a border of a vintage sheet. If only it were bigger than a postage stamp!


July 24, 2013

Coral Quilt, Baby sized

Weeelllllll,  this one is a baby quilt for a little girl with mature tastes, or a smallish lap quilt for a grown up. Best not pigeon hole it, eh?


I used the 4″ diamond die on my Go Baby Accuquilt cutter.  The diamonds lined up perfectly.


Hopefully it goes home with a good family from the market in 10 days (ahhhhh! 10 Days!! enough blogging, back to sewing!!!)


May 22, 2013

Teal and Pink Wonky Star Quilt

I pulled out a work in progress that is more than a year old and finished it up. I originally didn’t know who it was for, and then I realized it was too precious to give away and finished it up for my own little girl.




I can’t love the colors more.


There was a specific request to have a  “cozy” satin binding. Which I think was the perfect solution.


This is our cat Emily. Joining in on the photo shoot.



November 26, 2012

Fish Scale Baby Quilt

…and almost a full month slipped by with lots of visiting family and not much sewing. But I am back with what caused my “writers block” . I made some fish scale  pillows and loved them so much I expanded the idea to a baby quilt.

All that top stitching was a total pain. The half circles puckered like crazy even with everything stabilized with heat-n-bond. I admit giving up a few times and in the end all that stitching took me weeks to finish because I was so annoyed.

And then the terrible happened. I washed it blithely thinking it would fray just a bit here and there. But sadly, tons of fraying and I think it will fall apart completely if it is washed again. Wall hanging I guess.  Disappointment.

I pieced the back with some of my favorites. And now I am moving on .

Time to start some new projects. Gotta start fresh. One month until Christmas so I will whip up some presents. sigh.

October 21, 2012

Purple and Green Lattice Wedding Quilt

I tend to not use patterns. I do the rough math and adjust to make larger or smaller. This time I thought I was going to do a Queen size quilt.


But I had started with around 80 hand cut diamonds and when I picked this pattern I was faced with having to cut around 140 more to make a big quilt.

Time was running short and then I looked at the bride’s registry. Even though she asked for a purple and green quilt, all the rest of the bedding was red. So, I gave my self permission to go the easy route. Couch quilt!

I asked my husband if we could just give them cash and keep the quilt.

But he says he already told them about the quilt. Phooey.

October 2, 2012

pink and orange fish scale quilt, WIP

I got a request from a far away friend to make the orange fish scale again. Here are the pillows I made this summer. After I cut out an enormous number of orange prints, we chatted about the colors in her daughter’s room. None of which were orange (HA!) and I worked some pinks in.

Last time I used  the efla circle cutter to cut 7″ circles and then I cut them in half.  But this time I went big and bought the circle die for my new Go Baby Accuquilt fabric cutter. I got it for my birthday (after emailing the exact model I wanted to my ever-so-loving-hubby) and I am addicted. I used the 5″ circle die and then lay them in a row just inside the 2.5″ strip die and they were cut exactly in half, 30 at a time!!

It is measuring at 36″ x 40″ right now. Currently this is heat-n-bonded to a piece of muslin with no stitching yet. I plan on top stitching the whole thing.

I am making excuses to keep this hanging on my project wall. I truly love to look at it!

August 1, 2012

WIP Purple and Green Diamond Quilt

A month from tomorrow my husband’s sister is getting married and my guest room has a HUGE pile of crafty things growing and growing and growing for the event. More on that later.
I stepped away from that wedding to work on a quilt for an October wedding who requested purple and green. A sneak peak of the progress.

I am working without a pattern, just some rough math and graph paper and almost 200 purple diamonds. I am loving the diamonds these days. Starting with this baby quilt and then the  pink and red pillows I feel like a pro at cutting diamonds.

2″ green sashing and I am loving the result! It has taken almost 2 weeks to get to this point, where I have sewn half the top. It might be a while before I can call this baby done.

June 14, 2012

teal and pink stars quilt, wip

for the first time ever I have no idea who I made a quilt for.

it might become a wedding present for an october wedding, but they aren’t really pink and blue people…

my indecision also means I have no idea how big to make it.

so it might just stay a quilt top for a while…

May 15, 2012

Two baby quilts for donation

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The Philly Modern Quilt Guild is doing a group of  I Spy quilts for donation to a children’s hospital. Tonight is the night that we turn them in. I have to say that while I am not super proud of the design or quilting on these (it was some late night quilting last night) I am hopeful they will make some child’s hospital stay a little sunnier.

I love quilt stacks, they make me feel accomplished!

Variegated thread for both quilt tops, but you can only really tell on my pink and green one. The backing for this one is a lovely garden scene that picked up all the colors from the front.

I went a little crazy on tight quilting lines, but I think the pattern helped make the top a little fancier.

Super simple squares on this one. All those bright colors didn’t need much else. I really love the striped backing on this one! I chose to do this fold over binding as these quilts will be getting a lot of washing and binding is always the first thing to loosen up.

Leaving for a fantastic vacation this weekend where I will deliver some of my homemade goodies! see you in June!

February 3, 2012

Star Quilt Started!

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I started some of these fantastic wonky star blocks that have been popping up everywhere. I just couldn’t resist starting something new when I made a stack of teal and pink. I thought I was so original and the pink and teal were the best idea I ever had. Then I cleaned up the magazine stack that had been lingering on the kitchen table and found this-

And then I realized that the teal and pink brainwave was not mine alone. Oh well, I still love it!

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