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March 28, 2009

Pink and Red Baby Quilt


It was sold before it was even finished! I would have thought twice about selling it if I knew how much I would love it, the pink and red, the lattice pattern, the dress with the same fabric, all of it makes my heart sing.



August 3, 2008

Bento Box for baby

Bento Box Variation, for some lucky Baby

This is my first quilt I am selling online. It can be found in my esty store, the first link on the list on the right. It is really bright but I love it and I think it will make someone out there a very nice baby quilt! Update! This quilt is sold and has a loving home!

July 9, 2008

Orange and Purple- Quilts and Flowers

I joined quilting bloggers more than a week ago and haven’t written anything about quilts since joining. So lets see some works in progress, shall we?

Orange and Red for a baby quilt…

And some purple- for a secret project…

and my garden is agreeing with my new color choices.

April 27, 2008

Quilts from the past

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I found these pictures on the computer which brought me to thinking about big quilts again after a long time focused on baby quilts. Well that and teaching a class this afternoon at Cloth and Bobbin, surrounded by quilters and gorgeous fabric.

This is the quilt for Sean’s (my brother-in-law) high school graduation. Don’t look too close at how the squares line up, I didn’t know all the tricks then. Not all men would enjoy a quilt but Sean bought me a quilting book one christmas and asked where HIS quilt was for months following.

He loves orange, but you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find enough variety in orange alone. And honestly, I hate orange so everytime I went shopping for orange, I came home with red…

The purple was for Aunt Fran’s wedding. It was a quick 3 or 4 day quilt, and I think she loved it because I got this picture a few weeks later, showing it was getting good use!

I bought a big stack of fabric today, so maybe a new quilt soon… as soon as I get the yard cleaned up from the long winter…

November 19, 2007

Wedding Lap Quilt, 6 months late

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At least I can reveal one secret project. This happy couple got married 6 months ago and I was sewing the binding in the few moments before they arrived for dinner last night.

I found it hard to make burgundy and green (the brides request) to not look like christmas, but since it took 6 months to make, it is just in time for the holidays.

The groom has an amazing quilt from his family on their bed, so instead of trying to compete with that, I went with a lap quilt for the couch. I ended up a little smaller than I had originally planned, but they seemed happy. Maybe it is just ’cause they are happy all around. Did I mention they brought the most delish homemade apple cider??? Nicest folks ever. They will be mortified I put their picture up, I might have to blur their faces…



November 6, 2007

Updated, Red Poppies

so, no satin binding. I kind of forgot while rushing to get done. It would have been nice because it would have made it a little bigger. It is a pretty small quilt. I bought the red binding, so I will be making another one.

I finally made use of some of the red and black in my fabric stash, I am thinking about a satin red blanket binding…

I have another nearly done quilt but the lucky recipient reads this blog so pictures of that one will show up later.


September 10, 2007

2 new baby quilts

I have decided to stop buying fabric for a while and use what I already have. I am pretty fond of this quilt. I love that the Kaffe flowers stand out with very little fabric. I also enjoy the quilt pattern, I invented it to accommodate the red fabric which was only skinny remnants from Jules’s quilt. Fast, easy, lovely.

I was itching to do an appliqué on the center square but couldn’t find the right inspiration before I had to take it to the Maternal Wellness Center on Saturday (where these are both on sale, hint, hint) .

The red one I like a little less. It turned out to be an exercise in screwed up measurements and I used every last thread of the cherry fabric, , one inch less and I would have been forced to added another print entirely. I also think the blue clashes. Those are itty-bitty crabs in case you can’t see them. I used them on my brother-in-law’s quilt so I could say “you have crabs in your bed”. A funny joke for a college freshman, probably not as funny for a crib quilt.

The only saving grace, in my opinion, is the red blanket binding. I think the key to blanket binding is a darker color, last time I used pink blanket binding and the print showed right through, not the case for the red.



July 15, 2007

2 quilt tops finished, phew


here is Silvia’s quilt, or at least the piecing for it. I still have a few weeks to finish…

I also finshed the piecing for jules’s quilt…

a little outrageous yes, but I have developed a new love for pink & red & orange. Jules’s favorite color right now is pink but I fear the tonka truck conspiracy might change his mind someday. Hopefully the pychodelic look will stand the test of time.

May 18, 2007

Jacob and Donnell’s quilt

I get so inspired looking at all these sewing and crafty blogs at my desk all day, sneaking peaks between phone calls. I figure I better start to share the hurried creations I make after work and on the weekends. I started this quilt with the pinwheel squares and didn’t really love it. When I found the lizard fabric deep in my fabric stash I knew it would draw it together a little better. I still don’t love the quilt on the whole but I keep looking back the picture and liking it more.

The happy couple sent the nicest thank you note, how nice of them to lie. I am sure it clashes with everything. next time, 4 patterns of one color and no crazy rainbows.

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