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September 24, 2013

Yellow and Grey Baby Quilts

Finished two quilts at once, feeling very accomplished.


The Bento Box for a friend in NYC,


 Hence the city fabric for the back.



And this beauty is for sale.


Here on my etsy site.



September 9, 2013

Yellow and Grey Quilts

I started a commissioned quilt recently for a yet-to-be-born baby.


My longtime favorite Bento Box was the go-to pattern. And then I decided to piece the back. But I got carried away, so I think I actually have 2 tops here.


One for the soon-to-be baby and one to sell. But the question is, which one for the friend of a friend?


I am talking to you, Kathleen! Which one do you like better?


Could you love those little bees more? I love them! And if you were wondering where the yellow wall came from…


My soon-to-be screened-in porch is coming along nicely! Next, a roof. Which is going to be pretty darn tough and I am already planning ways to reward my hubby. I might have to arrange a fishing weekend soon, which is a pretty good trade for a screened-in porch, no?

October 25, 2008

Yellow and Green, Bento Box Variation for Baby

I finished the commissioned quilt last night and just finished the indoor photo shoot because it is raining. Too bad the world series can’t move inside! There is a lot of excitement in Philly is about the possible rain cancellation today. Anyway, the quilt->

What is that white ribbon doing in the middle two squares?  I ran so disastrously low on that bird fabric that the ribbon fudged me the extra inch I needed. I should have added some more on the border  to make it look a little more involved, such is the problem with 20/20 hindsight.

I love the minke on the back. I should say I love the minke now that I learned how to use it. I used some Heat -n- Bond lite to baste the minke to the batting. I made a disaster of a couple other projects with minke because it has a terrible tendency to stretch and bunch and this eliminated the problem completely. I had some early moments of anxiety because it felt like there was a sheet of crinkly newspaper in the quilt before I washed it. But a hot wash and a tumble in the dryer has it feeling like a soft cozy quilt.

October 16, 2008

Bento Box Variation Squares

From what I can tell, a true bento box square would be 8 fabrics per square but I made a variation for my baby quilts with only 5 prints . Above is the start for the commissioned yellow and green baby quilt. I feel like I have searched everywhere for yellow and green prints that are not flowers (or gingham, I kinda hate gingham) and come up with the above, which are still pretty floral, Hopefully they are abstract enough that the recipient will not think it girly…

***UPDATED**** see finished quilt here****

August 3, 2008

Bento Box for baby

Bento Box Variation, for some lucky Baby

This is my first quilt I am selling online. It can be found in my esty store, the first link on the list on the right. It is really bright but I love it and I think it will make someone out there a very nice baby quilt! Update! This quilt is sold and has a loving home!

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