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April 4, 2015

Bohemia Pillowcase

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When the winter days are short and we spend too much time inside I find myself with a need for more color. Matching is out the window, the more color the better. Jewel tone pillowcases to keep the winter blues away.

March 3, 2015

Quilted Pillows for evers

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IMG_20141119_105122348_HDR (1)

I love to make these pillows, quick, individual and who doesn’t need new pillows?

IMG_20141118_221912 (1)

I made a bunch for the last craft sale. It happened the ones I didn’t sell were the ones I loved the most and they now live on my couch. Kismet!


Watching Downton Abbey feels much better with a union jack companion.


June 22, 2014

Rainbow Pillows

What is better than a rainbow pillow?


Making 2 more so you can keep one for yourself!


I found some feather pillows on sale at Ikea ($5!) and did some freestyle scrap piecing. I love them!!!


I used the fabric that I have been calling “trivial pursuit circles” as a the backs, sorry folks, there is no escaping the vibrant colors!


June 3, 2014

Pillows, cushions, tuffets, eh- whatever…

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I wish I could say this is the end of the pillows for a while, but it wouldn’t be true. I should just rename this blog to “the lady who makes pillows and occasionally quilts”



This here we call, “pillows on chairs that need to be painted or sealed a few seasons ago”.


And this one is the zoom-in so that you don’t see the appalling amount of weeds in the yard. But, oh! what a nice mix of Orange and Pink!

IMG_1006And this is where I say ” rainbows, always a safe bet”



May 26, 2014

Tumbler Pillows and Baby Dresses

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Stocking up for my Artist Table at the Farmers Market later this summer. Making a serious dent in my fabric. Loving my Accuquilt tumbler die!



More baby dresses! Hoping there are lots of babies that need dresses this summer !

May 23, 2014

Music Pillows

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After I finished this baby quilt, I had lots of music fabric left over, so I made these for the raffle at the local high school that helps buy musical instruments for the school district.


Now they have a new home with some lucky winners! And we won tickets to the Crayola factory in the raffle, good karma works!!


December 26, 2013

Photo Pillows

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I can finally reveal some xmas presents! I printed some of the family favorite pictures on cotton with and stitched up some pillow covers for personalized gifts.


I was not as happy with the images with a lot of dark colors, they look a bit washed out.


But the lighter brighter colors turned out lovely.


Who says we never print out the photos we take? In my case, just not for the scrapbooks…


November 17, 2013

Patchwork Pillow

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Patchwork Pillow

More Christmas sewing going on behind the scenes, but when I brought home the nesting dolls fabric my preschooler insisted on something being made instantly. An abandoned patchwork square and now it is her favorite to cuddle with.

March 3, 2013

Tumbler Pillows

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A quick present for a cat lover and my first tumbler project.


I always did like the blue and greens…


February 17, 2013

Star Wars Pillows

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A commission from my sis-in-law. She shipped me a yard of this fabric and a fat quarter of this fabric from and I found a fabric in my stash that tied them together as best I could.


Girly from far away, sci fi close up!


My husband requested some for his office, the first time he has ever requested a sewing project.


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