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August 27, 2013

Summer Wrap Up

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whoa. it has been a busy summer.

Some of this; 1147698_10201175433460069_2024156876_o

Some of this (that used to be my front door);1263809_10151616301006342_320260208_o

And then I helped do inventory for my local quilt shop, Cloth and Bobbin, and helped create this fab new website. That took a few minutes.


Somehow I managed to get my own stuff up onto etsy;

etsy etsy2

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Our dog was in a musical. Hilarious.


Bring on the fall!

January 23, 2013

Simplicity 2460, Springtime dreaming

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Things here in Philly are cold. Cold enough to have me wistfully reading seed catalogs for the spring, contemplating Florida real estate, and sewing spring dresses.


So far only 2 little spring dresses for the queen.


I made the size 3t, it seems right on the mark, my girl is tall and skinny and it works great. I was able to use 2 half yards of complementary fabrics, not including the sash, for the red dress. Huge win, I have lots of half yards in the stash!


The pattern is pretty good, I might make a fully lined bodice next time, but otherwise, pretty darn good.


And now that I see this picture, maybe a shorter ruffle sleeve…


I did a button and ribbon loop instead of the hook and eye. It still doesn’t sit exactly right, but I like it…


11 degrees outside right now, plenty of time to sew a few more dresses for spring.

December 9, 2012

many pocket tote bag

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We have a new assistant that helps me sew. Meet Doris.


Somehow I managed a present for a knitter.


many, many fat quarters.


I kind of made up the pattern.


It is a little floppy, but I think she will like it.


Did you notice the grosgrain ribbon straps? My favorite part.


by the way, my assistant prefers dogs to me…


November 19, 2011

Old shed made into new PLAYHOUSE!

I should have taken some “before” pictures, but it was just too gross. I cropped this from a picture we took of the snowy yard last year. Many gallons of paint, a little bit of carpentry, and many hours of naptime over the past months have been spent on this project.

I left some hints in earlier posts at what we had transformed it into. I think it is nothing short of miraculous! How many kids have wrap around porches?

There is still lots left to do, but I have been dying to blog about it and I think we got to a pretty good point this week. Shutters and a door to keep the leaves and rain out is next on my list.



That dead stuff hanging in the corner is some lavender from the garden, I wish it looked as good as it smells.  That bench will eventually get some pillows…

Petunia even comes for visits. She would never step paw in here when it was a shed full of  junk. She has good taste.

The furniture and the tea set came from my mom and it works perfectly. Here the proud homeowner is being very patient with this photo shoot, but really wanting me to sit with her for tea.

She has gotten quite good at serving tea. Slurping noises included.

***july 2012 update*** curtains and toys ****

December 9, 2010

babies and dogs, always cute

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Not much to say about our 8 month old human baby and our 5 year old canine baby. Just that they are perfect in every way.

December 2, 2009

twirl skirt success

Well, the skirt was a success! Many twirls were had, and thankfully it wasn’t too huge. Just big enough for wearing over winter clothes.  Fingers crossed it will fit in summer. Stop growing little one!

And just because there are never enough pictures of Petunia, the world’s best dog. Petunia is seen here with Delilah, one of the world’s more annoying cats.

June 11, 2008

Scrap Quilt, still working

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It has taken me more than a week to piece together the top for my scrap quilt. I went through 3 spools of thread which I thought was pretty impressive, or maybe a sad reflection on the free thread I got. Anyway- The squares are 5″ x 5″ so the total dimensions are roughly 70″ x 70″. I am pretty happy with it, more pink than I usually like, but, who can be picky about scraps? I am not really looking forward to the actual quilting , I have never done such a big quilt on my little machine. And who wants to fight with such a big quilt in this heat? Yuck.

And Petunia would also like to tell you how very hot Philadelphia is these days.

March 15, 2008

Spring, inside and out

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I have an announcement. Easter is next weekend. No really it truly is! The crocuses are blooming, the days are getting longer and my quilting has turned pink. A sneak peek at the commissioned pink bird quilt

I keep kicking the cats out of the house so they can enjoy the nice weather but it ends up in a standoff. Petunia wanting to chase the cat, the cat wanting to come in. Only to have the reverse of the picture if I open the door and let each party in to the other world. Petunia wanting to come in, Mucha mocking her by looking outside, pretending not to see her.

I for one am really looking forward to Easter. Never a big holiday in my book but Paul will be back from Amsterdam for the whole week and my dad and step mom will be coming down from Maine for half the week. The house that has been so empty for these last 2 weeks will feel nice and full.

Paul promised to post some Amsterdam pictures soon. He is really busy and I think in the past few days we are starting to realize what this new job really is. He is working long hours with mostly strangers and going home to a hotel room. The past few days he has had to wear dirty clothes because he can’t find a laundromat or the time to look for one. On this side of the pond, I knew I would miss him but it doesn’t make the loneliness any easier. So this until August huh? Presumably longer, seeing that all of Paul’s work eggs are in this one basket. I guess I should have been more specific when asking Paul to find a full time gig, I should have said a full time gig in this time zone.

March 6, 2008

Petunia’s first day at day camp

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this is our baby. She is two and a half years old. Which I guess is a good time to start our baby in day care. She used to go to work with Paul at Swarthmore everyday. I have been told many times that Border Collie’s need activities or they get bored and start doing bad things. She has never spent a whole week at home by herself while I am at work. And now Paul is on a different continent, so doggie day camp is my solution to keep my working dog in good spirits. One or two days a week is the plan, but how can I tell if she really likes it? She got a report card when I picked her up. It said useful things like; “didn’t nap but rested comfortably” “needed coaxing to go to the bathroom” “friendly with other dogs”. The part that really got me was the hand written note from her teacher the Petsmart employee; “Petunia liked watching the other dogs play, but didn’t play herself”

Am I a failure as a parent? Pet owner? She is a laid back dog but she usually plays. Did she think I had left her with those other dogs forever? Oh- the dilemma! I guess I will have to take her a few more times but I would hate to think I am traumatizing her by putting her in a room with a dozen other strange dogs. A dog nanny, that is what I really need.

Did I mention that she can jump from the ground on top of the 4 foot tall wood pile and then straight into the neighbors backyard? I saw it for myself this morning. Like a freaking billy goat! Here I was patching the old chicken wire fence in the freezing cold and Petunia is thinking “silly lady, I can jump over the top!”

January 2, 2008

Dog Doily

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I should have posted this earlier. It makes me laugh heartily. My mother made this dog sweater for Petunia for Christmas, Please note her nickname “tuna” on the yellow collar.

and the pom poms that tie around her neck. hilarious. Paul calls it a dog doily.

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