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March 16, 2014

McCall’s 5838

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IMG_0844My tallish 3 year old is turning 4 this month. We are sitting right at the end toddler sizes and dipping our toe in girls sizes. I made this dress a size 5, nice and roomy for the coming summer, a vague possibility that it might fit next year? Loving this pattern. McCalls’s 5838 you are really very lovely. Lined top, easy zipper install, I look forward to making some more of these.


February 13, 2014

Mermaid Dresses

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So, I made another Roller Skate Dress (pattern by Oliver + S). The young one requested mermaids. I was happy to oblige.


She wrinkled her nose. Turned her head away and said; “you picked the wrong mermaids”. I was sad. But I got back on the horse.

IMG_0691 IMG_0693


I used a new-to-me Japanese pattern and made a 2nd mermaid dress. Well, really more like a top, but cute, at least I thought it was cute. I revealed it to her, her eyes popped and then she paused and said “I don’t like green” and refuses to wear either.



This is as close as I could get to the dresses on her. Humility, that is my lesson for the day.

August 27, 2013

Summer Wrap Up

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whoa. it has been a busy summer.

Some of this; 1147698_10201175433460069_2024156876_o

Some of this (that used to be my front door);1263809_10151616301006342_320260208_o

And then I helped do inventory for my local quilt shop, Cloth and Bobbin, and helped create this fab new website. That took a few minutes.


Somehow I managed to get my own stuff up onto etsy;

etsy etsy2

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Our dog was in a musical. Hilarious.


Bring on the fall!

April 1, 2013

Birthday Easter Egg Hunt

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It was a very good Third Birthday Party, so good I have to depend on other people for pictures! A friend caught this one, my darling on her way to egg glory! 882053_10151347337047405_98782714_o

The weather was amazing, 60 and sunny, considering we had snow just 5 days ago it was some serious good luck.

Bunny ears for everyone! (thanks to another friend for this awesome pic)


Some general hanging out, and if you look there in the distance you can see the yellow pennant banner I sewed from some scrap electric yellow silk from work. I managed almost 100 feet of banner and it cheered up our still naked trees.


I have to thank pinterest for this cake genius, 2 bunt cakes, quick homemade butter cream icing and some M&M decoration. That make is a roughly $10 birthday cake that fed 25+ folks.


There was some more pinterest food goodness. This is the one and only picture I took at the party, proud parent that I am! Chocolate dipped peeps, white chocolate nests with chocolate eggs, peep rainbow, goldfish to look like carrots and individual fruit cups. We had pulled pork sandwiches for the adults and some lovely strawberry lemonade sangria. I have a feeling that this party will stand out as the best one for a while…


March 10, 2013

Simplicity 2461

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In a frenzy of spring cleaning I decided to take down some 1980’s knotty pine paneling and re-do the kitchen walls.  I stuck the kiddo on the kitchen table to show off this just finished dress against the clean empty wall, something there isn’t any of in our house normally.


I bought this fabric in Barcelona, before this girly was even a thought in my head, and stashed it away for a unknown project.


It is a lovely lightweight cotton that  is top stitched with a lovely thick white embroidery and has a cotton lining that is a delicate backer to the embroidery.


The fabric was well suited to this little project, sweet little elastic puff sleeves and it is somewhat formal without being too crisp.


The pattern was super great, just enough fullness in just the right places. I made a big fat hem in case I might be able to let it out and get a few more months out of it later on.

January 23, 2013

Simplicity 2460, Springtime dreaming

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Things here in Philly are cold. Cold enough to have me wistfully reading seed catalogs for the spring, contemplating Florida real estate, and sewing spring dresses.


So far only 2 little spring dresses for the queen.


I made the size 3t, it seems right on the mark, my girl is tall and skinny and it works great. I was able to use 2 half yards of complementary fabrics, not including the sash, for the red dress. Huge win, I have lots of half yards in the stash!


The pattern is pretty good, I might make a fully lined bodice next time, but otherwise, pretty darn good.


And now that I see this picture, maybe a shorter ruffle sleeve…


I did a button and ribbon loop instead of the hook and eye. It still doesn’t sit exactly right, but I like it…


11 degrees outside right now, plenty of time to sew a few more dresses for spring.

September 28, 2012

Rain poncho for a toddler

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On a recent family trip I thought we had lost our daughter’s favorite purple raincoat. I took this as an opening to finally use the laminated cottons I have been clutching for a while.

It was later discovered that while we did not lose the purple raincoat, we did kill the camera in salt water, so I am back to an older, less sophisticated photography device for a while!

I made this from a Japanese pattern. I wish I could tell you the name of the book but it looks like this…

I made it in the size that translates to 4T so the Little Miss can wear it a for a  few years.

I added a flannel lining of pink poodles that I have been hoping to use for her.

This was Little Miss getting fed up with the photoshoot.

Here is a closeup of ribbon that I finished the lining with. I love it TOO much!

And a closeup of the snap closure. Stiched down on one side, big snap on the other.

September 23, 2012

Thrifty Wedding Volume #4 ; Flower Girl

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Another installment in the multi-part blog series of the Labor day wedding I helped coordinate and design. My Sister- In -Law married the man of her dreams and I was put in charge of making the event look fabulous, on a budget of course!

Gorgeous Photos by Chris Van Atta

The bride wanted the flower girl to match her. And the dresses we were finding were $80 and $100. I dropped in my neighborhood consignment shop a few times looking for a flower girl dress and found this one with the original tags still on. It originally had a pink sash and some little pink flowers but I spent some time with the seam ripper and some new ribbon and presto!chango!

Dress from consignment shop, $18

Shoes from Target clearance, $6

RIDICULOUS socks were a gift… and I probably should have skipped them.

Ribbon for sash with coupon, $2

Basket from Goodwill, $1

Headband from The Children’s Place, $5

July 4, 2012

Curtains for the Playhouse

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The playhouse is filling up with toys and decor. Earlier post about playhouse is here. I added curtains today. I think I might be a genius, I cut up a fabric shower curtian from Ikea. The great colors are perfect and I am hoping it will be bug proof and mildew proof for whatever may come in the little house.

Speaking of what might come into the little house, look close and you can see the birds nests that appeared this week in the eves. Husband tells me it will be nice to have such easy viewing to a bird nest, I just hope I can keep this toddler away from them!


Happy July 4th!

June 4, 2012

European Vacation with a toddler

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We took 333 pictures on our Spain and France trip. And Paul’s sister took some too, just in case we missed a cute moment. We had a great time! Exhausting, but definitely worth it.  I will spare you all 333 pictures- here are some of our favorites of our kid, who we like a lot.

I also took tons of pictures of the gorgeous colors. It was hard to go home after seeing stuff like this everyday;

And the architecture everywhere. The Old World and how it should still be done if you ask my humble opinion.

I could go on and on with my little vacation slideshow, but I will leave you with this last shot- Beer and a Baby on the Beach;

It doesn’t really get any better than that.

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