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May 4, 2012

Capes, Fabulous Capes

I have two boyfriends. In the past I have sewn them quilts and pillowcase backpacks. They are 6 and 3 and I am here to tell you that I am out of things to sew for them that they might appreciate. Well, out of things to sew now that I have sewn them these capes. 

Which they loved. ‘Cause my boyfriends don’t lie, they tell you how it is.

The new best place to take pictures of my sewing on my daughter is the funhouse mirrors at the Please Touch Museum.

I finally got her into the dress I made her weeks ago. It will fit much better next summer, but for a little smock dress I still love it this summer.

She insisted on red socks and who am I to argue? I myself have a red and aqua project coming along that I hope to share next week.


March 31, 2012

Toddler Llama Dress

I splurged some of my meager fabric allowance on a fat quarter of Laurie Wisbrun’s new Llama fabric and made the toddler a little reversible dress.  I think it will fit her better next summer, but I did get her to model it for me. The pattern is Simplicity 9513 and it is a vintage toddler pattern from the 80’s.

A llama pocket (to fill with buttons) on one side, 4 fabric stripes on the other…

March 24, 2012

2 years old!

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This gorgeous girl turns 2 in a few days, and she is showing her age! She flung herself out of her crib last night to get to her birthday party dress for today. Talk about terror! Hearing that thunk on the floor had me running up the stairs faster then I ever have!  We celebrated her birthday party at Smith Memorial Playhouse with 16 other kids and their parents and had a fantastic time. Seriously Philadelphians, you must visit this hidden gem.

I used an idea on  pinterest and made oscar and elmo veggie trays- which I am ridiculously proud of…

We shared the party with some friends who have a little boy who turned 2 this month, I redid his banner with dark letters this time-

I started this banner earlier with  light letters with bad results. Everyone loved the banners and home-made gift bags. Huge success all around!

February 28, 2012

TGI leap year, ’cause I can use this extra day!

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Sometimes the social part of being a quilter/ sewing enthusiast gets in the way of actual sewing! I made it to the Philly Modern quilt guild meeting last week and joined in a charity project for ispy quilts for kids.  These blocks will meet up with some of the other blocks made and float on a solid color field for  kid size quilts.

And I met up with my costume designer ladies this week . I always find they are so inspiring and lovely and amazing, but the project I worked on there can’t be shared yet.  It is so nice to get out of the house and meet with like minds. Although I do miss my babe- I found this self portrait she took this morning-

Grandma has been visiting us these last 2 weeks and my baby girl has been loving the extra attention. And the feathered high heels grandma brought.

Is there anything cuter than strawberry butt pants? Well, maybe zebra relocation efforts. Such a serious job, the removal of the zebra from the living room to the dog bed.

When things get cozy and Sesame Street is on, it is always good to use as many blankets as you can find. And a dog, make sure you cover the dog too.

More sewing to show next week- promise-

November 19, 2011

Old shed made into new PLAYHOUSE!

I should have taken some “before” pictures, but it was just too gross. I cropped this from a picture we took of the snowy yard last year. Many gallons of paint, a little bit of carpentry, and many hours of naptime over the past months have been spent on this project.

I left some hints in earlier posts at what we had transformed it into. I think it is nothing short of miraculous! How many kids have wrap around porches?

There is still lots left to do, but I have been dying to blog about it and I think we got to a pretty good point this week. Shutters and a door to keep the leaves and rain out is next on my list.



That dead stuff hanging in the corner is some lavender from the garden, I wish it looked as good as it smells.  That bench will eventually get some pillows…

Petunia even comes for visits. She would never step paw in here when it was a shed full of  junk. She has good taste.

The furniture and the tea set came from my mom and it works perfectly. Here the proud homeowner is being very patient with this photo shoot, but really wanting me to sit with her for tea.

She has gotten quite good at serving tea. Slurping noises included.

***july 2012 update*** curtains and toys ****

October 6, 2011

things I have learned in the last 18 months.

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1) Elmo is the easiest Muppet to recognize.

2) I can not make anyone sleep against their will.

3) Cherry tomatoes can only be eaten off the vine. The same tomatoes on the high chair are unacceptable.

4) Single moms are heroic.

5) Thomas, Ikea and Brio trains are not compatible with each other. Thomas even has sets that aren’t compatible with other Thomas sets. Bastards.

6) The clerks at the grocery store move much faster when there is a child screaming in the cart.

7) Idiots have children. And scream at them in the locker room of the YMCA water babies class on Wednesdays at 10 am. I am not talking about myself here folks.

8 ) Petunia really enjoys Darcy’s mealtimes. Babies and dogs should come as a pair.

9) The best purchase I have ever made are the blackout roller blinds for the nursery.

10) her self portraits crack me up.

August 4, 2011

Scrappy Houses Quilt

I have been done with this quilt for a while, but was waiting for my mother-in-law to come for a visit so I could finally give it to her. Christmas in July is what this really is, 7 months past it’s due date!

There is a lot going on in this quilt,I took some detail shots in an earlier post.

I like the back almost as much as the front. It is a long saved Ikea duvet cover. I had to add a little to the sides to make the twin size expanded to a queen size. The final size on this quilt is 90″ x 90″. Green is a hard color when it comes to quilts. Or at least I find it to be tough. It always looks a bit christmasy unless you can find some nice light greens. I think the binding saved this one from the christmas vibe.  I am always on the lookout for green on green prints, and now more than ever because I have used up 2 of them!

July 20, 2011

My helper and birdhouse gourds

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First, I would like to present photographic proof that all those people with 3 and 4 kids who find time to sew obviously do not sleep, because this is a regular sight in this house with just one baby.

In that last picture you can just make out the 12″ Habitat blocks for donation quilts. Which were made when I should have been asleep. They ended up inside a weeble treehouse just a few moments later.

speaking of treehouses… oh heck, there just isn’t a good segue-way for this, oh well, plunging in;

My vegetable gardener husband grew birdhouse gourds from seed . After we picked them we put them in a milkcrate and stored them safely in the garage to dry out. Fast forward five years. I have been telling anyone who will listen that I want birdhouses for my birthday. I have 6 or 7 birdhouses currently and they are mostly occupied and I have a totally illogical urge to invite more squawking poopers over to our yard. Anyway, it came to me in a dream that I have moved that damn milkcrate around the garage umpteen times and it was high time to make my own birdhouses.

I won’t bore you with the construction details (just put it in google, folks). But the whole reason I am posting the pictures is I wanted to share how much I LOVE the patina on these gourds before they were painted. People pay big money for granite that looks like that!  But I am too lazy to go all the way to the store for varnish, so, white they are.

July 12, 2011

Summer Snippets

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Somehow this year we have every weekend between June 18 and Sept 18 booked. For Real. I am only a few weeks into the 3 weddings, 3 bridal showers, 3 bachelorettes, 1 family reunion, 2 road trips,  let’s-have-a-party extravaganza and while I am holding my own, I am also seriously wishing for a maid and chef. And a sitter so I can go see the last Harry Potter.

In between all the craziness I did manage to enter my block for the Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge.  We were asked to make an original block, which is no easy task, my friends. I doubt that my block is original, but I did some serious internet looking and couldn’t find anything like it. I am going to call it rouched circles or maybe ruffled dots. Some of my inspiration on this block is here and here and here.

I did manage to trim up the edges a bit before I sent it in, but I do regret this camera phone picture is all I managed. I have a bunch more of the Habitat fabric to make into blocks for the guild’s donation quilts, but according to my schedule I might have some time to myself about 10 days  from now. Ahhh, relaxing summer…

And a picture of the babe with PIGTAILS! I waited too long for this day. Honestly, the pigtails make me way more happy than any hairstyle should.

In all of my spare time this summer I plan on sewing a dress without a pattern, gulp. I lurk this company that I have mentioned I LOVE in the past, but when I write their name in my blog  readership goes through the roof with people trying to find their products stateside. So,  instead I will link their site with this dress which I plan on making for baby girl in a size that will fit her next summer. Thank you Cloth and Bobbin for carrying the gorgeous knits that will make this dress!

June 8, 2011

Homemade Fabric Birthday Banner

Another present. This one is for a baby turning one this summer.

It was easy to pick a color this time.


19 felt triangles, 9″ wide x 11″ long

19 light colored fabric triangles, 8″ wide x 10.5″ long

19 letters of dark fabric, top stitched to triangles

7 yards of ribbon

And a cell phone picture of our big girl busting through the baby gate. It seems like yesterday she could barely sit up. sigh…

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