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May 4, 2012

Capes, Fabulous Capes

I have two boyfriends. In the past I have sewn them quilts and pillowcase backpacks. They are 6 and 3 and I am here to tell you that I am out of things to sew for them that they might appreciate. Well, out of things to sew now that I have sewn them these capes. 

Which they loved. ‘Cause my boyfriends don’t lie, they tell you how it is.

The new best place to take pictures of my sewing on my daughter is the funhouse mirrors at the Please Touch Museum.

I finally got her into the dress I made her weeks ago. It will fit much better next summer, but for a little smock dress I still love it this summer.

She insisted on red socks and who am I to argue? I myself have a red and aqua project coming along that I hope to share next week.


April 27, 2012

5 patchwork pillows

We are lucky enough to be visiting my sister-in-law in Spain at the end of May and we are staying with various family and friends. We visited in 2009 and had a fantastic time, I always meant to make gifts to send back as thanks but never actually got around to it. I was determined to make a little something that would be homemade, easy to pack and customs proof for our visit this time. I made them all different, hoping that people might find one they like.


I will be very curious to see who picks each one.


In the past I have been very loyal to the idea of piping on pillows. But this time I wanted to skip that step on some of these and I sewed a border around the outside of 3 of the pillows and it made a very decent trim, very close to piping, and much easier!Image

I spent the time I saved on my trim on the quilting. I love to top stitch like this on the pillow size. Lots of tight lines are so easy at this size but when it comes to anything larger than a baby quilt it is agonizing.


And the backs, I think the backs are just as important! I made these as pillow covers to travel easier and I think I will hand stitch some snaps for closure.


and this picture is for grandma; my assistant saying CHEESE!


April 23, 2012

Jersey Skirt

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The end of the cold weather had me sorting out my drawers and finding things to give away or cut up. Two bags to goodwill, one bag to cut up, which sounds suspiciously like 2 steps forward, one step back.   I had bought the blue and pink jersey knit with plans of making some stuff for the toddler. But she has oodles of clothes and mama needed a new skirt.  The purple is an old Gap shirt that I loved, but had shrunken in the dresser some how. This shrinking phenomena  has nothing to do with having a kid and my love of all things sugar *ahem*. I traced a old jersey skirt and realized I needed a few more inches in length and added the 2nd waist band. Ladies, let me say this, not flattering at all. Don’t try it. I got the length I needed, but now I need to make sure I am wearing a long tee shirt with it…


Husband tried to take a few pictures but they were not-s0-good. Here is a fuzzy mirror picture that shows how nice it hangs,  you get the idea.  The fabric is oh-so-flowy and I love the prints all mixed up, this is my new favorite skirt!

I had tried to sew jersey with a regular zig zag stitch and was not so pleased. I don’t know what this stitch is called but it is magic! It worked great and will only cause me further delay in getting to learn the serger. Although this skirt does still need a hem, so if the serger mice would like to work on that tonight when I sleep I would be ever so grateful!



April 9, 2012

punch point treasures

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I have become “that sewing girl” to a lot of my friends and I got a big box of hand-me-down sewing supplies recently and in the box was 3 of these embroidery projects. Punch point? I don’t know. But they remind me very much of Anna Maria Horner and her recent embroideries.

The best indication of what decade these were done is the hot pink unicorn that screams 1980’s to me (and makes me giggle too).

I have made 2 new summer dresses this past week and mini-me REFUSES to wear them. And so it has begun. I fear her tastes will be different than I in the next years. So, just imagine lots of pictures of a toddler in cute homemade dresses here, I am sure she has her own ideas about what those dresses really should be. More disney princesses than my own taste I think.

We took a day trip this past weekend to Annapolis and I was lucky enough to stop into a fabulous quilt shop; Cottonseed Glory Quilts.

I practiced some restraint and got just a medium sized stack while toddler and husband played a gentle game of hide and seek in between the bolts.

And there were oh-so-many bolts. Huge amounts of fabric always make me happy. I always feel a little disappointed in the new style of boutique fabric shops, vast amounts of space with only a few bolts are a waste on me. Not so at this little gem, when you are in Annapolis, make some time for this nice place.

February 11, 2012

Wild and Crazy Glider Recovering

I saw a picture on pinterest of a wing back chair that had been reupholstered with 6 different crazy bright and colorful fabrics and I knew instantly that my hand-me-down glider would benefit greatly from some similar treatment. This glider has seen many, many babies rocked to sleep and the yellow cotton had grayed to dingy and sad.

I chose the 2 darkest fabrics for the seat, which seems to get most of the dirt and stains. I used mostly quilting cottons, which I will regret later I am sure, but sometimes inspiration cannot wait for a trip to the fabric store.

My husband likes bees quite a lot, so I started with the bee fabric and went from there. My husband calls the final result “lively”, but I think the bees won him over.

I have always loved over-the-top pattern combos like this, but was never brave enough to do it before now. I was always worried what people would think, but now I think I have finally decided I don’t care what people think, I would much rather be happy with this super fantastic chair!

January 13, 2012

kindle case

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I whipped up a quick kindle case for my sis in law. I did some internet searching to see how big to sew it and found this pattern.  Which it didn’t really follow, but did notice she was using laminated fabric so I jumped right in and pulled from the very bottom of my stash some gorgeous laminated Amy Butler and lined it with some blue fleece…

gonna spend some time finishing my THREE in progress quilts this weekend…

December 25, 2011

Scrabble Pillows

Hope everyone had a nice holiday! I am excited I can reveal some Christmas sewing!  An Auntie pillow for my sis-in-law, who is loves being an Auntie.

I used a scrap wheel on the backside…

And these two green ones are based on family jokes for my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law. All 3 women are scrabble addicts which makes the scrabble letters perfect for them!  equilter still has scrabble fabric here.

December 2, 2011

Scrap fabric wreath, quick and easy

I finally made something I found on Pinterest!

The pinterest website is a fantastic way to waste time. I started a “board” of all the crafty amazing things that I want to try. This is the first one I have actually done since joining many, many months ago. Super easy. I used 6″ or 8″ fabric strips knotted on my old (and rather sparse over the years) red berry wreath.

I also started a board of quilts that are jaw dropping awesome. I almost can’t look at all the amazing quilt ideas together like that because I fear I don’t have enough decades to try them all…


October 28, 2011

Couch-Couch Pillows (version 2)

First a quick picture of my purchases from The City Quilter, in Manhattan. Walking distance from the Javits Center where I had to go for work one day last week.  If you are visiting NYC, you won’t regret stopping in. I have yet to make it down to Purl in soho so I can’t compare the two but City Quilter has greatly expanded from my visit last year, I don’t know if there was more fabric but there was a ton more shoppers. I think it is great that so many people are quilting these days. Also, I feel less guilty about my habit when the people around me are spending more on fabric that I spend on my car loan.

I usually buy with the projects I have already started in mind. But I have more than enough for the pink red quilt I am currently working on so I shopped with a whole new project in mind. The strawberries and squiggle stripes and skull-n-crossbones will make a pretty awesome toddler dress. What will I do with the lanterns? I have no idea- but I couldn’t leave them behind.

Some more couch-couch pillows. Or sofa-couch pillows. I love the novelty of them! This time in the blue green family. Previous red orange ones can be seen here.

These are smaller 14″ pillows. But I love them just as much!

We are almost done with fall, they are calling for snow this weekend. SNOW in OCTOBER. I am moving to Miami. asap.

I think this girl would love Miami. With enough sunscreen.

A sneak peek of the exterior progress on the playhouse. interior sneak peek is here.  Purple oops paint at Home Depot $7. Green oops paint at Lowe’s $3. Making my exterior paint job $10! As soon as hubby fixes the front step (give or take the snow this weekend) I will have tons of pictures to share.

September 2, 2011

more patchwork pillows

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I am paying my babysitter this week in homemade pillows. I fell in love with them while I was making them. I wish I wasn’t sending them away.

Even though I kicked these out fast I spent a few extra minutes and added some top stitching…

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