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January 8, 2016

Stacked Coin and Owls

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I HAVE A NEPHEW! and boy is he cute! I made him this quilt for Christmas and sent it all the way to Spain with extra hugs and kisses.




February 11, 2015

Back on the Horse

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I took a break from blogging. Inadvertently and unintentionally, but once I went silent, it was hard to talk about why. 2014 was a tough year. My Husband lost his aunt to cancer. Long standing marriages in my family started inexplicably crumbling causing trickle down anxieties and problems. Some of our life plans were delayed longer than we ever thought. In May I was terminated from my job and replaced by their just-graduated-from-college daughter. I am not proud to say, but it brought on a deep depression that some friends and acquaintances either didn’t see or didn’t understand. As one does in the hardest times, I learned who I can lean on. My husband has been my rock. I am still learning to adjust my life to surround myself with empathetic and responsive friends. In September I started a new job just a few miles from the house, with some lovely people, exactly in my field, and I know I am very, very lucky to have found something so fast. Yet, the black clouds lurked a little longer than I ever thought they could.

This is not to beg sympathy from the anonymous world of blog readers, only to acknowledge the ups and downs of life. Most everyone understands having a bad week, month, year and more importantly trying to find a way to bounce back. And if you know me in real life, that little woe-is-me story prefaced my apology for the endless yammering I surely have done about this life transition. Sorry, thanks for bearing with me.



I did a 2 day craft fair Thanksgiving weekend which was fairly successful. I did a lot of sewing beforehand and I will trickle these pictures out in the coming weeks. All the regular things for me. Baby quilts, Baby dresses, quilted pillows, and tooth fairy pillows. I did some aprons and drawstring backpacks too, which didn’t sell very well, but left me with some good Christmas presents to give.  But the best part of this picture, for me, is my 4 year old shopkeeper, getting more clever everyday!

December 10, 2013

Around the house.

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I looked as my sewing machine recently and wondered why I haven’t done more sewing recently. And then I remembered this project that took up a full weekend plus some. I am proud to present my faux built-in bookcase in the hall. I used 2 utility shelf units from Ikea , a $5 gallon of ooops paint and some taller 1″ x 3′” uprights. I am very happy with the navy blue, the previous white color was impossible to keep clean with all the toys on the lower shelves.


And this slowly evolving project. Truthfully my hubby has been doing most of the work on this, I  just paint what he builds.This was a big project  and we both did a lot of work on it.  We will add bug screen in spring with a screen door, but until then I still have to spackle the new sheetrock on the inside. Maybe after Christmas. Some sewing first! (yes, that is a typo on the very first picture, sorry kids)


November 30, 2013

Bags for everyone.

My fabric stash was starting to overflow, I tried some advanced organization techniques but it had encroached on valuable space.  I made some drawstring bags for the dance school and took them over before I even got pictures. But that was barely a dent. The only cure was to make some handmade gifts. Tote bags for my hubby’s co workers. Totally loving the surprise combos I used, I would have never guessed the Park Slope Flowers would match so nicely with that Kingdom fabric!

Sewing Other

And drawstring backpacks for the Pre School Teachers. I think I will put some gift cards in the pocket.

Pre School teachers need a ton of thanks in my book!

Sewing Other1

September 5, 2013

Put a bird on it, my skirt I mean.

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I fell in love with this great fabric at Cloth and Bobbin last week.


And knew that I needed to make a skirt out of it.


I used one yard and traced the pieces of a skirt in my closet and got this lovely creation in about an hour.

If you love it, Cloth and Bobbin has a free shipping sale this weekend!

March 26, 2013

Kitchen redo

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No before picture, only an after picture this time.

Just imagine 1980′ s era pine paneling and some mis-matchy curtains and a weird gap between the floor and wall.  For 7 years!

Some kind babysitting from my MIL let the baseboards and cornice molding happen (thanks bec).

I found the floating shelves on clearance and whipped out curtains late last night.


You can’t see my blue tile back splash here but I found my very specific color scheme (yellow and blue with red accents) for the curtains here at equilter. Only when it arrived did I realize it was a Laurie Wisbrun design and now it totally makes sense that I love it!


March 25, 2013

drat that google reader.

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Switching to bloglovin for my blog reading pleasure…


July 20, 2012

Art and the Artist

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I had been hanging on to this little post for a while, waiting for it to “gel” for me.  But Rachel over at Stitched in Color brought up what I think was a level headed arguement about the very idea that I have been pondering, she calls it Copied or Inspired.  I am going to delve into a little thing that has been bugging me for ages- the “ethics” of inspiration. Stepping on to my soap box;

I find inspiration is sometimes hard to collect all in one place. I mark magazine pages only to throw them in the recycling in a cleaning frenzy.  I used to mark favorites on flickr but the sorting was non existent. I couldn’t split my quilting favorites from my gardening favorites. I used to fill my amazon cart in the months before Christmas but not everything is for sale on amazon. But then came Pintrest.  This amazing pintrest site is so inspiring and makes it so easy to collect a group of images or shopping lists that you want to reference later.  I have found myself  returning to my quilting board when I need an idea for a project and the presents-for-my-kid board when I know we are heading to a birthday party sometime soon. It hasn’t changed the frequency or variety of blogs that I read. And maybe once or twice a week I pin something from a blog I read.

In the past few months I started noticing blogs or flickr users that don’t let you repin. That’s cool. It is their photos  and/or their creations. Or pictures of their family. I totally get it. Even though this rant sounds like I don’t get it. But I do.  But one bloggers public statement, who I will not name,  has gotten stuck in my craw. This blog has featured 6 or 8 images a week that had  inspired their work.  Images that provide inspiration to make the crafts that make this persons living.  The frequency of the reposted photos make me doubt that permission was ever asked for, although the source was always referenced, much like pinterest. Here is the thing, having spent years posting other peoples work, this artist proclaimed the reason they were making all the photos of their work unpinable was because they found their photos on pintrest boards titled DIY.  The artist said (more or less) that the idea of other people making projects based on their work made them resentful of all the hard work that had gone into the design of them. Seriously? This artist posts, on their site, hundreds of images of art or craft or sources for years and then they decide that their personal work is too precious for other peoples inspiration and they are above being an inspiration for others? It just seems so unfriendly.

I just typed and retyped that last sentence 6 times to find something politically correct to say. Anyway, out of curiosity I went to see if I had pinned anything from this blog, turned out I hadn’t so now I am unsubscribed. What can I say, I think inspiration is important. If you don’t want your art to be public that’s fine. But saying you don’t want it to be public for fear of someone else replicating it is bizarre to me.  I think seeing pictures of someone’s work and recognizing that is it something you would like to look at again some day is a MILE and a day from infringing on someone’s copy write or livelihood.

And on the same day I read about that, I saw the below article. I always imagine the world of artist is friendlier, but then there is this fight that happened recently in the quilting world. Copy writing and what does it mean…

It makes my corporate desk job look a little more appealing for a while, dreams of being a full time craftsperson fade in the light of these two things… but somehow airing the uglyness makes it sting less.

June 25, 2012


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my public statement on camping (after 2 drinks)

You pack totally random bag of clothes which you will either wear all at once because you are freezing or none of because it is freaking hot. You drive 2 hours away, with all your crap crammed in the car and a toddler who won’t nap.  Arrive and install yourself in a tent or cabin with all your crap. You look with envy at humongous 6-mile-to-a-gallon campers  knowing that if it was your primary home you would be trailer trash but since it is a traveling second home, it is a sign of wealth. You realize the 4 things you forgot (my sneakers, kiddo’s swimsuit, wine, and veggies for dinner) and either suffer without or drive back out to the closest Walmart, a store that you never shop at normally. That takes half a day in itself. Then you walk around in the woods and/or do a little sailing. That part is nice I guess. Turns out there is no swimming in that nice little pond so your kid resigns herself to shoveling dirt into her sand pail and poring it on top of herself. Many baby wipes later and she still looks like a poster child for a charity who wants to educate poor shoeless Appalachian children. Dinner time arrives, it takes a million years and all kinds of tupperware containers and fancy butane or cooking with special camping plates that probably didn’t get washed since last time you camped. Your friends share their hotdogs, and you are grateful even though they would be a side note of any other dinner, it is the main course this time around. You could have had something else if you had gone back out to the Walmart but the kid was fussy and putting her back in the car for another 40 minutes just seemed cruel. As the mosquitoes descend for dusk you make some s’mores, which are okay but are always a little disappointing. I think it was a marketing trick to sell marshmallows. You have to put your dog on a rope because the park ranger keeps driving by and there is a leash rule. Even though she is the best dog on the planet she keeps winding the rope around the camping chairs and the toddler.

You hide your food in all variety of containers and coolers so the natives don’t come (hello! bears can open a cooler!) and then you hang your trash on a tall post thing like some redneck flag. You bond with long lost friends with illegal beer (no drinking in state parks) over a dying campfire but in a hush so you don’t wake the neighbors. The neighbors who are other idiots who drive for hours to sleep in cloth houses inches from you or the classy guys who were blaring techno music earlier in the afternoon from their cabin. Then you sleep, if you can. You wake up early in the morning because it is a new place and you slept on a hard-as-rock bunk. Biting flies on the way to the public bathroom, need I say more? Wander in the woods some more, this is usually when you skin your knees or get stung by a bee (didn’t happen to me this time because I sent them in the woods without me and read a book, because I am a genius) . Check out at noon to drive 2 hours home and spend $80 in gas for both cars because a family of 3 needed 2 cars to get the sailboat there. Get home and unpack everything and get really excited about sleeping in a cozy bed THAT YOU VOLUNTARILY LEFT TO GO SLEEP IN THE WOODS. I still don’t understand camping. I think day trips and a real bed are lovely. Sorry honey, I am not a frontier woman, but once a year I will go “camping” because I love you. HOWEVER, NEXT TIME I AM GONG BACK OUT FOR A BOTTLE OF WINE!

June 23, 2012

Teal Garden Fence

First I must say that a remarkable number of quilts come up when you search Garden Fence in Flickr or Pinterest or even Google. Once I waded through all those lovely quilts I found some sunburst fence panels I loved and got out the screw gun with the help of my BFF we got this up in record time.

I salvaged a pile of cedar that had been under a tarp in a hidden corner of the yard and painted it up to match the shutters. This little fence is a must-have in our deer infested neighborhood. Ideally it would be taller to keep the deer out, but the visual barrier seems to have worked so far. I love the alternated sunburst style. Just quirky enough to hide all my carpentry mistakes…

Secret sewing projects these days for upcoming weddings!  more pictures after the events.


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