Perry Moffitt

October 12, 2008

Reversible purse for a birthday present

Same purse, the 2 prints are the inside and outside. Drum roll please, this is my first fully REVERSIBLE purse. I took my inspiration from an Amy Butler pattern but drew it out myself on the fuseable fleece interfacing. The Alexander Henry birds are my favorite but the Amy Butler home decor flowers were such a nice match to the burgundy and pink floral that it was just too perfect. A little pearl button and a pink ribbon loop for closing.

She tends to be a little more sporty and black in her existing handbags, but she said she loved it!

February 22, 2008

new pillows with piping

finally, a project for me me me! New pillows for the hall bench. This is the first thing you see when you walk in my front door. Well, this and the million shoes and jackets and such. About 5 years ago I was accenting everything with red. And the pillows, well they had seen better days. I have been hanging on to the smaller flower fabric (Passion Vine by Amy Butler) since my summer trip to Alewives Fabrics . Waiting for the right project. I think this one is perfect. I recovered the 3 red pillows in just a few hours and a trip to Joann’s. Complete with pink piping. And pink zippers. Heaven.
I got the larger flower fabric (by Alexander Henry) at Joann’s. There was only 2 yards left. I bought it all in an irrational fear that I would never find it again. It was a last minute decision to use it, I had been leaning toward a dark pink pattern until I found the light pink piping. But I am ever so pleased with the result. I toyed with a button in the center. I still might do it, but I will have to find just the right button. Rhinestones maybe?
can you see the zipper on the middle pillow? the pink makes it practically invisible. And I figured out how to use the zipper foot on my machine for the very first time. Who knew I was such a genius?
I flip one or two pillows every time I pass the bench just to see how good it looks with every variation. I pass the bench a lot as the living room (with TV) is on one side of the hall and the kitchen (with snacks) is on the other side of the hall. I think I will spend my weekend flipping pillows…

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