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December 27, 2007

Aprons for Sisters

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I am an only child, but if I were to have a sister, it would be Amanda. She is as snarky and cynical as I am, with some of my chatterbox thrown in. Maybe it is just that both our families are from Maine. What do they call it, Yankee Ingenuity?

I made Amanda this apron for Christmas; She loved it.

I also have a younger sister-in-law; Kathleen, who lived for a number of years in New Orleans and has now returned to the family home in Atlanta. Both pretty far away from Philly but I always try to feel out what she wants for Christmas. This year there was a photo of her baking with a towel tucked in under her chin. I took that as a hint she might use an apron. She is the girly girl of the family so she loved the pink theme.

December 24, 2007

Christmas arrived just in time

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All the packages have arrived so it is safe to show some of the christmas crafting
I made 8 new stocking this year. Sent them North, South and East.
I forgot to photograph 2 of them, but you get the idea.
Stockings filled with goodies from Costa Rica. I love vacations before christmas.
It gives me the excuse to shop like crazy.
I made this apron for my step mom and made her open it yesterday
while I was on the phone with her. She loves the big pockets. My dad
says it is lasagna colors (?). Either way, a big hit I think.

Merriest Christmas to all!

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