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November 30, 2008

Hippy Dress for Baby

How fast do they grow! This baby has outgrown all the other creations I have made her in the past. So for her 2nd Birthday I whipped up this hippy creation. When the family arrived for thanksgiving and I was still working on the final stitches.

dscf1439 dscf1438

It took a little creative cajoling to get the dress on but as soon as she took a spin, she was won over. I tried to make it with enough room to grow for next summer, but as a result it fits over winter clothes so hopefully it will get lots of wear. I think I regret the 2 fabrics on the bodice, it just adds another horizontal line which it doesn’t need. But the darkest fabric on top hid a lot of the thanksgiving dessert stains!


June 27, 2008

some sewing

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After many auditions I have finally cast my spokesmodel for this dress pattern. Adorable !!!!

April 20, 2008

How many is too many?

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It has been a year since I started this blog. Which seems like a blink of an eye, and forever all at the same time. In that time I have sewn numerous dresses and quilts for the little shop that sells my crafts. The quilts were selling when there were only a few, so I made many, and they have just sat there for months and months. I should have taken heed, but instead I have gone completely overboard. I had been delivering 5 or 6 dresses a month and selling 4 or 5 of them. Last month I made 10, and from what I could tell today, only 4 of them sold. And here is where it will all fall apart- I delivered 14 more. I had ordered tons of gorgeous fabric from and couldn’t help but make a big load of adorable dresses. But now I fear that I have sewn too many dresses and none of them will sell. I guess time will tell… Most of the fabrics below are from that lovely equilter website. The exception being the brown and pink polka dots and the Joel Dewberry birds that are from Cloth and Bobbin. I didn’t even take pictures of all the dresses, mostly because I was overwhlemed by how very many I had managed to crank out in a few days. So what is next on my plate now that I have manged to flood the market with my goods? Oh- I am sewing sails for my father in law’s sail boat! Thank goodness the weather has gotten so nice, I think I will have to sew in the yard!

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