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February 7, 2009

White Baby Quilt


After a few annoying days of thinking my sewing machine was broken, I changed the needle and vowed not to use the zig zag stich for a while. That will solve it! I managed to crank out another bento box quilt, I really do love this pattern, as evidenced by the 3 other quilts I made with it!

dscf15101I had every chance in the world to take a lot of great pictures of this quilt outside this weekend, but instead I took some mediocre pictures in natural sunlight and then some more mediocre pictures inside on the bed, which is why this quilt looks like it is a trapezoid. Which it isn’t, although I fear it is a little wonky-¬† The satin binding and I had some words and a few curses before we came to the end, where I swore I would never use it again. Which I have sworn before…


and some more minkee on back! I am forever grateful I figured out to put “heat -n-bond lite” between the batting and minkee. It makes quilting minkee so much easier. Now, if anyone has any tricks to make satin binding work better, I am all ears! Now for sale in my etsy shop, the first link on the right… Donated to a silent auction for Theatre Exile here in Philly. It sold- but they never told me how much it made them ūüė¶


January 18, 2009

White Baby Quilt, WIP

I was left with a small stack of white and cream leftovers after the wedding quilt a few weeks ago.  I had some advice early on that I would have great success if I made white quilts for babies, I think I might have rolled my eyes. But I decided to use up the leftovers and throw in this lovely ducky fabric (that seems to match nothing else in the universe) and see what happens. The sad truth is I have baby quilts in 2 different stores and etsy right now, and none of them selling. So what harm would one more be, right?



UPDATED *** finished quilt here***

December 13, 2008

Scrappy Baby Quilt

This was a special request quilt, which also happened to be a stash buster. The mom requested a quilt that has lots of different images, to have fun identifying things with baby. dscf1461

As a result there is a little of everything in here. Ladybugs, cupcakes, rabbits, birds etc.

dscf1467I used some batik for the backing that I got on the $3 a yard sale cart at On Board Fabrics and some butterfly fabric that had been cut in squares for a long-abandoned project and all in all, a great stash buster!

November 17, 2008

70’s Zig Zag Baby Quilt

My hubby says this color combination makes him think of the 70’s and when he says it, he says it with a wrinkled nose. None the less; I rather like it and am really pleased to have used my kelly green minke so easily. It just looked SO green when it came home from the store I had doubts that I would ever find a home for it.


November 4, 2008

Zig Zag Quilt, a peek

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Sewing took a brief sabbatical this last week while I lay on the living room floor trying to alleviate my very specific lower left back pain. I blame this pain on my recent 30th birthday, becoming 30- not the birthday in particular. I managed to make some rice crispy treats and plant a few daffodil bulbs but that was the extent of my weekend. Feeling much better last night, I started a baby quilt with the ever popular zig zag pattern. I got most of these fabrics at the Maine Quilt show this summer and love how they all mesh. Paul thinks it is vintage 70’s and proclaimed his dislike of all things aqua. Luckly it is not for him…

October 25, 2008

Yellow and Green, Bento Box Variation for Baby

I finished the commissioned quilt last night and just finished the indoor photo shoot because it is raining. Too bad the world series can’t move inside! There is a lot of excitement in Philly is about the possible rain cancellation today. Anyway, the quilt->

What is that white ribbon doing in the middle two squares?  I ran so disastrously low on that bird fabric that the ribbon fudged me the extra inch I needed. I should have added some more on the border  to make it look a little more involved, such is the problem with 20/20 hindsight.

I love the minke on the back. I should say I love the minke now that I learned how to use it. I used some Heat -n- Bond lite to baste the minke to the batting. I made a disaster of a couple other projects with minke because it has a terrible tendency to stretch and bunch and this eliminated the problem completely. I had some early moments of anxiety because it felt like there was a sheet of crinkly newspaper in the quilt before I washed it. But a hot wash and a tumble in the dryer has it feeling like a soft cozy quilt.

August 26, 2008

Moving fast – Moving slow

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I turned 30 over the weekend. I feel terribly old, but somehow, a lot wiser. After all- 10 years ago I would have had a killer hangover. This year, gentle partying and and good friends left no long term effects.

I found this guy in the garden while I was weeding. He was calm and watchful and about as big as a softball!

I have been enjoying our dog lately. She is just so charming and patient and funny. And I finished a quick quilt as a belated graduation present. I thought it would look cooler than this but alas, the mind’s eye is wrong sometimes.

I also added an older baby quilt to etsy. It seems that the baby shop where I was selling them is changing their direction and only want small low priced items. So- to etsy it goes.

May 15, 2008

Bento Box Baby Quilt

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What did I say about full size quilts? More of them? no, no, I must have meant more baby quilts. This one is the start for a baby boy born in March. We did the baby shower for mom but only now am I working on the present. Never before have I known the name of a quilt pattern. I tend to create patterns to accommodate the scraps I have, this time I looked around the quilt group on for a while to find something I liked.

At least he won’t have to wait until he is 3 like his older brother who only got his quilt last summer.

***Update*** finished quilt here

November 11, 2007

Bright colors continued

As suggested by the little store who sells my quilts, bright colors are my new mission. Why I kept those tomatoes in is a mystery. The few people who I shared this quilt with started talking about kitchen curtains and aprons. Hmmmm…

I chose this pattern because my Kids Quilting III class needed an example. Even the kids said, “are those tomatoes?” with all the cynicism and disbelief they could muster. I have only had one of the three classes with the quilting girls. I am dreading. And maybe I should say DREADING the binding section. Let’s just say, they are more thrilled to have me as someone to chat with than actually making a quilt. They alternate saying “can you do that for me? ” and “I don’t want to” with remarkable frequency. The things I do for a Joann’s discount card. Humph…

November 6, 2007

Updated, Red Poppies

so, no satin binding. I kind of forgot while rushing to get done. It would have been nice because it would have made it a little bigger. It is a pretty small quilt. I bought the red binding, so I will be making another one.

I finally made use of some of the red and black in my fabric stash, I am thinking about a satin red blanket binding…

I have another nearly done quilt but the lucky recipient reads this blog so pictures of that one will show up later.


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