Perry Moffitt

January 1, 2009

Beach Quilt for Wedding

Happy New Year! We are still recovering from a fantastic wedding last night, complete with balloon drop on midnight. The wedding present was done just in time, but we were having one hell of a wind storm which forced me inside for photos…img_10651

don’t mind the bird in the corner, I had to get my head well into the ceiling fan to take this picture.


With every quilt I learn a new lesson, This time I learned that the 95% cotton batting really does shrink and make a “poofy” quilt after it is washed. I had only used it on baby quilts until now and the shrinking was hardly noticable, but with the big squares on this one, it was very obvious. So, beware the cotton batting!


**in process pictures here**


November 11, 2008

Beach Theme Quilt

I am pretty confident that the wedding couple don’t read my blog, but just in case I will not say my initial emotions on the wife-to-be’s requested “white and tan” quilt. Although, I guess you can read between the lines so I might as well say it seemed a little boring to me. The husband-to-be enlightened Paul a little by saying they had a beach theme in the bedroom, so I got a lot more excited to make something with a theme. And it is always better to make a quilt they will use than make a quilt they want to hide so, I picked up an ivory flat sheet at Ikea and the below fabrics at Joann’s Fabric. img_1024

I am toying with trying to bleach the shell fabric. Just to lighten it a little. But maybe I can work it in to a pattern without making it look totally foreign. Anyone out there tried to artificially fade a quilting cotton?

**UPDATE*** See finished quilt here***

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