Perry Moffitt

January 3, 2010

Last Christmas Present Mailed!

Yeah yeah, it’s January 3rd and I just finished this Christmas present yesterday but , hey- at least it is still quilt season! She did have this to open on Christmas morning, so I am not a complete slacker. I did a quick photograph before rushing to the post office. I was in such a rush I didn’t even measure it’s final size to make sure it was big enough for a queen bed! fingers crossed!

I used my new labels for the first time. I got them from Mel on etsy and have been itching to use one.

The back is the 2nd half of an Ikea duvet cover that I also used for Lauren’s quilt. Slowly busting my fabric stash!


October 13, 2009

Purple and Blue quilt, a work in progress…

IMG_2208Lots of work around here. Paul fixed the sheetrock in baby’s room and has been spackling for days. I think I will get to paint this weekend. I finally decided on a mural- and I will try to remember the before, during and after pictures.  Pawning off stuff on friends to make room for the baby. Seeing lots of theatre shows (and laughing loudly!) and  trying to get in some social time with friends before the big baby event.  Still time before Christmas to finish this quilt, I might even start another!! Oh, and a picture of the dog being an activist at a rally recently.


she is protesting the 8% sales tax that the PA state legislature just added to non-profit theater, dance and music tickets. Sporting events and movie tickets continue to go untaxed.

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