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October 26, 2015

Farmers market, part… something, I have lost count.

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I think this was my 5th year at the farmers market? but maybe 6th? dunno.

This year we had lovely weather and I made some super big pillows. IMG_20150725_094100207

And that little lady right there is my super big kindergartner. Time flies!


I made my normal assortment of dresses for little girls but I heard last year that all the babies who had my dresses were much bigger now and needed some big girl dresses. I kinda listened and made a variety of twirl skirts for the school aged set.


August 3, 2013

Farmers Market Craft Table

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The day finally arrived.IMG_1180

Rainy, cool and not at all like August.


Today I was Artist of the week at the Lansdowne Farmers Market. IMG_1183Despite the rain,  I still did pretty swift business and got to see some neighbors and friends.


I even sold a quilt, which is always a pleasant surprise.


I sold almost all the dresses and owl pillows, but still have about half of the rest of inventory, I will get the rest up on etsy soon.


September 27, 2008

Lansdowne Farmers Market

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Thanks to Grace who found me on etsy and reached out to have me as Artist of the Week at the Lansdowne Farmers Market. I had my very own tent and met many many neighbors I didn’t know before.

I snuck this picture at the beginning of the day. By then end I had sold the blue quilt, all but two of the onesies and more than half of the dresses. I made 3 times what I was expecting to make and my inventory has been gutted. So, obviously I have to head straight to the fabric store to stock up.

No I didn’t plan that 3 dress/quilt color coordiation, I only noticed the matches right now. My brain is doing obsessive sorting without me!

September 13, 2008

Lovies? Is that what moms call them?

In an attempt to create a variety of items and prices for my farmers market debut I tried some of these little things. I tried to call them binkies but learned that is actually a pacifier, and blankies are bigger, but some searching on etsy leads me to think they are lovies, feedback anyone?

Ingredients: Minke on back, satin quilt binding when I had some that matched and some very small sacrifices on some of my favorite fabrics.

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